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The Holiday Dinner Table

Thursday April 17, 2014

Are you having everyone over for Easter Dinner? Do you have everything you want to make it a fancy dinner? There's always room for something else when it comes to making things fancy! Making your kitchen an inviting and comfortable place can be done in so many ways... and many small projects can make a huge difference.

Almost Had Spring...

Thursday April 17, 2014

This past week we actually hit a very welcomed eighty degrees... to go back to snow and freezing overnight temperatures.  That's OK though...it gave us a taste of what is ahead. I didn't hear one person complain about the warm temperatures... and I saw a lot more smiles that you see when it's cold out. I'm thinking that Welcome Spring flags are called for after this loooooooooooong winter that we are finally emerging from!

Last Minute Basket Stuffers

Wednesday April 16, 2014

You still have time to make something special to fill those Easter baskets!  Free patterns and your scrap bin... along with other economical fabric resources, make the perfect combinations to fill the basket or just make something special for a special child in your life... maybe just to help out a parent who you know is having a tough time making ends meet.

Getting Organized

Tuesday April 15, 2014

This winter seemed to last forever, making Spring cleaning a much needed task. After loving the way the cookbook cover turned out as a birthday gift, I made myself a notebook cover to organize my internet recipe printouts... and have even started the daunting task of organizing all the recipes.  As I was sorting through the pile on my printer to take the recipes, I discovered many pattern printouts that also needed a home. As I stuffed recipes into the page protectors, I decided to purchase another large notebook and page protectors to give those free pattern printouts a new home. The page protectors will be prefect for holding all of the pattern pieces even after they are all cut out.

Times Almost Up!

Friday April 11, 2014

Easter is almost here but you still have a week to get basket goodies made. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have something special that was handmade in each and every Easter basket? It would be even better if the homemade goodie is the special thing that gets showered with love and is never let go of! Find a free pattern and hit your fabric scraps to fill a basket with wonderful homemade toys!

Sewing Undies?

Thursday April 10, 2014
Have you ever attempted sewing your own undergarments? It may seem like a scarey project but it's not and if you stop and think about it for a few minutes... compared with most sewing projects, you're not going to be wasting much fabric even if your creation is a total flop. As long as you find the fabric you want, you can have any color or texture you want without depending on a manufacturer to make what you're thinking of. Undies are also a great excuse to experiment with all those stretch stitches that are built into your sewing machine.

I Made a Birthday Gift

Wednesday April 9, 2014

cookbook binder coverThis week a very good friend had a birthday.  She and I love to exchange homemade goodies. She does stained glass and I have some beautiful pieces. I wanted something special that she would use year round, so I remembered a conversation we had about finding a recipe that she had print out but then couldn't find it... my kitchen cabinet has a PILE of recipe print outs that I can't find anything  in so I totally understood her issue.  I decided her birthday present would make her work. I made a cookbook binder cover and included subject divers and page protector sleeves so she now has no excuse to not organize those recipes... in fact she says I gave her the perfect gift and she is going to finally get those recipes organized.  This binder cover probably has the most embroidery on one project that I have ever done.  Have a look at the Cookbook Binder Cover to see the embroidery on the front, spine and back of the cover. If your collection of recipe printouts is anything like ours, you'll want to make a binder cover for your collection.

Free Adult Bib Patterns

Friday April 4, 2014

Whenever you say "adult bib" the mind thinks of the elderly or handicapped... but there are plenty of other adult bib needs! How about lobster.. or a good messy barbeque... imagine a big burger with every topping possible on it... an adult bib would stop many stains from happening.  I would bet that if more adults wore them, kids wouldn't think they are "too big" to wear a bib and many elderly would not take it as a sign of being infirm.

Adult bibs is a great charity project! Think about all of the fantastic embroidery designs that would be appropriate for a bib. Think about using up all those scraps of lace and trim... any adult would smile at a beautiful creation and those embellishments just might take away the "stung" of wearing a bib.

Baby Bibs

Thursday April 3, 2014

Anyone who has so much as seen a child, knows the need for baby bibs. Anyone who has attempted getting stains out of baby clothes will testify that bibs are a necessity and that you can't have too many of them on hand. The good news for anyone who sews is that bibs use relatively small amounts of fabric so your scrap pile can be used and by making baby bibs, you can make a pile of them for a very small amount of money. Make a pile of them for a baby or shower gift. Embellish with applique, fabric embellishment techniques or machine embroider them to make them extra special. No one will even stop to think about how little it cost you when they are being used every day ... but you can bet a grateful mom is smiling every day when she reaches for a baby bib.

This list of free baby bib patterns on the Internet are honestly free patterns and cover all kinds of styles of bibs for different coverage needs... think, spit up verses their first feed themselves spaghetti dinner... two occasions with very  different coverage needs.

Easter Bonnet

Friday March 28, 2014

I almost bought a hat the other day... not an Easter bonnet that holds so many memories from my childhood but a garden hat to protect me from the sun in the upcoming garden season. Every year we got a sparkling clean white Easter bonnet that had a ribbon that matched our Easter outfit. Every hat I try on, makes me think of those Easter bonnets because that's the only time I usually wear a hat. This year I'm thinking I am going to need some sun protection because I plan on putting in some serious time in the garden. When I tried on the hat, I almost bought it... then realized I have a free pattern for a similar hat and plenty of fabric so why on earth buy a hat.... back on the shelf for that hat. When I got home I pulled up my free FREE Wild Things Software and put in the measurements. Now it's off to the sewing machine. I may even visit the fabric store to see if I can make my own Easter Bonnet! Spring will get here!

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