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How to Grade A Seam
From your Sewing Guide

Not elliminating bulk is one of the biggest mistakes when constructing a garment. This gives the appearance of a 'home made' garment. Try the following to eliminate bulk when the seam allowance can not be pressed open.

Difficulty Level: Average    Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Join two pieces of fabric as you would normally.
  2. Press the seam to 'set' it.
  3. Trim off half of the seam allowance.
  4. If this is a facing seam, trim the facing seam allowance in half again. If this is a construction seam, trim the seam allowance which will lay against the outside of the garment in half again.
  5. Understitch, if needed, press, and continue making the garment.


  1. Press and trim seams to give excellent finished results.
  2. Never snip into both layers at the same spot. This will weaken the seam and the fabric.
  3. Facings should be understitched to prevent the facing rolling to a visible area.

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