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Guide picks

Child's Fabric Shapes Book!
A fabric book , who's pages are written by applique.

Applique Template Library
Free templates for letters and more.

Satin Stitch And Applique
Transform a regular zig zag stitch, have perfect edges and learn to use other decorative stitches for various applique methods

Quilting Applique Net Links
About.com's Quilting guide, Susan Druding, takes you to more applique net links.

Angel Appliqué
The Warm Company has a full pattern on line with directions and ideas for using this applique.

Appliqué is less frightening
The Quilt Gallery offers wonderful directions, tips and tricks to take the fright out of appliqué.

Mary Graham Designs On-line Catalog
Mary Graham Designs shows a step by step turning example for applique techniques.

Critter Pattern Works
An online source for ordering unique applique patterns.

Embroidery Sayings
A well laid out page of suggested sayings and coordinating design suggestions.

Mary's Productions - Projects
Follow the links for full directions to create your own wardrobe details.

Mysteries of Appliqué
Here's the place to learn all about analyzing an appliqué and where to start.

Page Of Patterns
A page loaded with appliques patterns. Click any title to get a full size printable pattern.

Quick Patch Pockets and Applique
I've saved this one for my own use on my daughters clothes and back packs. Some really great ideas.

Roxanne International
The home of Roxanne's (TM) thimbles and other hand applique and quilting tools. Focused on orthopedically correct hand-quilting.

A vast assortment of applique patterns, with snail mail ordering available.

Take A Flying Leap To Creativity
Here's a site to unravel all the machine applique techniques.

The Teacher's Pet - Applique Patterns
Here you'll find all kinds of applique patterns. Loads of embellishment ideas to jazz up any wardrobe.

Unorthodox Applique
Debby Kratovil goes in to great detail to explain using dryer sheets for simple applique turning.

Maureen Greeson & Co.
A site that focuses on products for those practicing the sewing arts; including heirloom sewing, crazy quilting, and ribbon embroidery. Follow the links to see iron-on transfers, ribbon, lace, trims, motifs, buttons, silk, books, crazy quilting kits, and embellishments to make your project special

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