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Curtains And Window Treatments
Guide picks
Instructions and patterns for making curtains and window treatments.

Time for a Change
Treat your window to two looks in one with a eversible valance that buttons onto a curtain rod.

Time for a Change
From Sew News Magazine, treat your window to two looks in one with a reversible valance that buttons onto a curtain rod. Find More articles in the SewNews Article Library.

Kitchen Curtains
Full instructions and photos for the curtains in your sewing guide's kitchen.

The Appeal Of White Lace Curtains
A great articles with photo's, from About.com Interior Decorating guide Glenna Morton. Loaded with information of measureing and styles.

Curtain Rods . Com Decorating Tips
Directions and tips for creating window treatments.

Curtain Styles

Seams To Be
shows different curtain styles and names, which can help all of our communications.

Easy Sew Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens
A different window treatment which can be made with limited sewing.

Home Decorating
All the basic information in one spot to get you started and more.

Home Decorating Article - Tie-One-On Curtains
A novel idea for curtain tie backs.

Jabot Window Treatment
Full directions for making a Jabot window treatment.

Jo-Ann Fabrics - Valences
On-line directions with detailed instructions to figure out the measurement part.

Low Cost Draperies
Readers tips for saving money and making all kinds of window treatments.

Merrick And Day
A company which offers classes and books on curtain making.


Patio Door Curtains
Directions and suggestions from Joanns Fabrics to make your own Patio Door Curtains.

Seams To Be
shows you the way to get the correct measurements for soft shades, curtains, slip covers,draperies, and swags.

PDRA Window Treatment FAQ
Frequently asked questions on all aspects of window treatments and solutions.

Swag Treatments - Jo-Ann Fabrics
WOW! Excellent how to's for making swags like you see in magazines.

Romance A Window - Better Homes And Gardens
A novel approach to sheer curtains from Better Homes And Gardens.

Stop by this site for inspiration. See a bay window that uses grapevine wreathes to hang the fabric

Window Treatments / Hometime Videos
A video offer for widow treatments from the popular PBS Hometime TV show.

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