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Kite Making
Guide picks

A relativly simple project to make your own Kites for Easter or spring time fun Easter Kites, From Your Guide
A feature with directions for making a great spring time toy.

Kites - Science And Nature
Different ways the kids can learn about science while having fun with kites.

The American Kitefliers Association
The starting point for clubs, competitions, history and more.

Basic Sled Kite
Full Directions And Templates for paper kite making with the kids.

Brooxes Basic Box Kite
Drawings and instructions, in a two part series for an economical homemade kite.

20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes
A wonderful page of quick kite creation for any kids group. Full materials list and directions.

Kai's Kite Site: Applique Workshop
Wonderful, detailed instructions for applique on rip stop nylon.

Kite Construction Tips
A collection of tips for making your own kite.

Kite Toolkit
A page with on line plans for a stunt kit. Click on the image for expanded details.

Kites And Kite Flying - Kite Flying
Kite flying tips, tricks, terms and even the dangers of kite flying.

Kites For Beginners
Basic information for beginners to kite flying, along with first kite suggestions.

Kite Making Software
Download a share ware program for beginners to learn kite making.

Kite Safety
A starting point for helping to teach kite safety to children.

Make A Sugar Glider Kite
Pattern and instructions on line to make a kite with the kids.

Paper bag Sled Kite
On line directions for making your own kite with basic materials everyone has in their home.

Power Kites
Descriptions and information on the type of kite which can add danger to the sport of kite flying.

Professor Kite and the Secret of Kites
All the basics of flying kites. Including, safety, types, and wind conditions needed.

Sir Anthony's Kite Gallery
Graphics and information on a number of types of kites.

Stunt Kites
A wonderful page of descriptions and diagrams to stunt kites.

Kite Plans
An unbelievable selection of every kite type imaginable.

Teacher's Helper
Instructions for a quick class project (with a 2 cent estimate).

Tetrahedral Kite Plan
All the information you need to make and fly a Tetrahedral Kite.

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