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Upholstery Information
Guide picks

Auto Upholstery Instructions
Although this site focuses on recovering a truck seat, it is loaded with information on sewing channels and working with vinyl.

The Slipcover Network
Your guide to slipcovers on The Web. Learn about and sign up for workshops and other events.

Slipcover America
Find videos, workshops and more here!

Basic Cutting And Sewing
Basic instructions for making a throw pillow to learn the basic skills you'll need to do upholstery.

A page with answers to frequently asked questions about making slip covers.

Furniture-Upholstery Yardage Chart
A great chart for "rule of thumb" type yardage requirements.

Home Decor Workshops
On line video offers for home decorating techniques.

How To Hand Sew
Upholstery hand sewing techniques for places a zipper can't be done.

Install a Zipper in a Pillow
Step by step details for installing a zipper in a cushion type application.

Detail on dealing with that portion of furniture support that lies under loose cushions.

Irvin Allen's Newsletters
A coupon offer which may stop you from doing the job yourself.

Merv's Upholstery Training Videos
An available video option for learning upholstery techniques.

Nancy's Notions Sewing Room - Easiest Slip Covers Ever
Nancy's Notions has on line directions and tips for creating slip covers.

Reupholstering A Bench
A simple write up with materials list for a simple no-sew reupholstering job.

Sew a Boxed and Welted Cushion
Incredible step by step detail with pictures for covering cushions.

An online walk through on making slipcovers.

Tacking Basics
Very detailed instructions and tool descriptions if you want to learn how to upholster like a professional.

Tools, Supplies, and Equipment
A listing of sources for wholesale, retail upholstery fabric, supplies,and equipment.

Complete details on everything you ever wanted to know about coil springs in furniture.

Upholstery And Furniture Facts
A wonderful online reference for learning upholstery terms and for the names of the parts of furniture.

Upholstery Class: Install outside arms and back
A two part lesson dealing with specific areas of a reupholstering.

A step by step walk through with pictures to upholster a chair.

Upholstery Wizard (tm)
An online guide for figuring the amount of fabric you will need to purchase for different types of furniture.

YARDAGE CHART- Courtesy C.S. Osborne & Co.
A graphic quick look up for the amount of fabric you will need for different furniture styles.

Vista Upholstery Enterprises
If your stumped about what to do, this video offer may be your next step.

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