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Craft Fairs and Fund Drives

Your group needs funds to continue new projects. You've rented a booth at an up coming craft fair. Now where do you start to have a successful sale.

The fastest way to produce many of one item is to use mass production techniques. Even if your working by yourself you can save time lost in machine change overs and getting up and down with these simple techniques.

Novelty items are usually great sellers. Items that are hard to find in department stores give you a great market. Try to stay with basic colors, if the items are for home decorating purposes. Stand out side a high school to see what colors the teens are "in to".

For clothing: Novelty sweat shirts are "hot sellers" at this witting. Watch for sales on the blank vest and sweat shirts. I have seen panel printed vests at local department store fabric departments for $1 a panel. with quilting and embellishment these vests will sell for much more then the costs involved in making them.

Home Dec items are always in demand. Here are a few features that have been done by your sewing guide, that should be simple projects for mass production and economical Fabric Sources.

  • 04/18/98 - Make An Educational Toy Snake
    Directions and diagrams to make a toy which reinforces snapping, buttoning, zipping, lacing and velcro use.

  • 03/21/98 - Hanging Hand Towels
    Full on line directions and patterns for different types of hanging towels.

  • 03/03/98 - Dog Bone Neck Pillow
    Free on line pattern and directions for a pillow designed for neck comfort.

  • 02/28/98 - Polarfleece Feather Duster
    A polarfleece feather duster to make with your scraps.

  • 12/16/97 - Cloth Napkins
    Directions for a quick and easy gift with mitered corner details.

  • 12/16/97 - Cloth Napkins
    Directions for a quick and easy gift with mitered corner details.

  • 11/26/97 - Foot Ball Pillows
    Full directions and an free online pattern to make your own Foot Ball Throw Pillow.

  • 11/11/97 - Pot Holders
    A different kind of pot holder with removable padding.

  • 08/12/97 - Envelope-Back Pillows
    Complete instructions for making slip covers for your throw pillows

  • 07/28/97 - Scented Hot Pad
    Complete instructions that make your family think they are having hot apple pie for dessert.

  • 07/01/97 - Sachets
    Complete instructions for a great little gift using your scrap stash

  • Other project ideas can be found in Sewing Net Links.

If you add baked goods in small packages, such as a few cookies in a baggy, you can draw people to your booth so they will take the time to see your wares.

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