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Create Your Own Fabric by Learning Ribbon Weaving

Ribbon weaving is a popular way to embellish areas of a garment. Pockets and vest yokes are small areas that are often embellished with ribbon weaving. The procedure is very similar to the loom pot holders, so many of us are familiar with.
Use a base fabric (scrapes of your garment or preshrunk muslin), cut a bit larger then your pattern piece.

ribbon weaving

Attach ribbon to two edges of your fabric. Butt the edges of the ribbon next to each other, to prevent gaps in your design. There are no rules. Mix colors, repeat a color pattern or vary your ribbon sizes, for various finished results. The possibilities are endless.
I have found that it is easier to get a smooth finish and keep the ribbon flat, by pinning the piece to a semi firm surface. I have even pinned the fabric to a pillow, to work on while I watched TV.
Weave the ribbon in and out, over and under, starting at the corner where they are attached. Work through all the ribbon. Baste the other two edges to hold the ribbon in place.
Trace the edges of your pattern piece on to the back of the base fabric. When you need a left and right piece, remember to turn the pattern piece over, so you don't end up with two left or two right pieces.
Machine baste just inside the pattern outline to hold the ribbon.
Cut out the pattern piece and continue making your garment according to your pattern directions.

Let your imagination run wild! Use ribbon weaving to create pillow tops, curtain tie backs and more. Ribbon weaving is a great way to bring in just a touch of color and add texture.
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