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Make Your Own Sit Upon

Sit Upons

Here's a project that is great for children to make them selves to have a traveling place to sit when camping and hiking.

Materials Needed

  • Vinyl - pieces of old vinyl table cloth or shower curtain work great.
  • Yard or lanyard string
  • Paper punch to make holes in the vinyl
  • A stack of newspaper
  • A belt or rope



Determine the size that will be needed for the vinyl to be large enough to fold and be able to be sat upon while attached to the childs waist. As wide as the child and mid thigh usually works well.

Place a belt or rope inside the vinyl where you will be folding it.

Fold the vinyl in half and cut a ¼ to ½" stack of newspapers, approximately 2" smaller then your folded vinyl.

Place the newspaper inside your folded vinyl.

Starting 1" below the folded edge on the unfolded edge make holes with the paper punch approximately ½" in from the edge at 1" intervals.

Use an overcast stitch to join the two layers of vinyl.



Lanyard string works best, in case you want to sit down in wet or damp areas. If you use yarn, make your own needle to sew with. On the "needle end" of the yarn, roll transparent tape around the end of the yarn to stiffen it and taper into a point.

Use contrasting and bright color yarn or lanyard string.

Make them with a group and spread the word to parents for them to save their old shower curtains and table clothes.

If possible, tack the rope or belt into place at the center of the sit upon. This will prevent it from getting pulled through at the wrong time.


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