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Summer Sewing With Youngsters

Teaching Children to Sew

Summer is just around the corner and with it looms the eventual, "nothing to do blues". Over the next few weeks your going to find ever expanding pages of sewing projects for all ages and skill levels, economical fabric and supply sources, and a wonderful opportunity that allows your child to learn new skills while also participating in helping other less fortunate children.

Almost any sewer can tell you about the wonderful sense of accomplishment when complimented on a new garment. Allow your children to experiment and find their own sense of accomplishment and self esteem.


Childrens Sewing

Fabric Sources - unusual sources for economical fabric

Machines And Equipment - economical resources and things to look for.

Pre School- projects to increase eye hand coordination and keep the little ones part of the activity.

Beginners - Projects suited for very beginners sewing

Camp Projects - projects for camp groups and getting ready for camp.

Fund Raisers - projects for mass production and fund raising.

Teens - Fabric Embellishment projects that teens can experiment with and express their creativity.

Community Service - on line project directions for kids helping kids.

Making Sewing Notebooks - tips and suggestions to reinforce school skills while having fun.

Gift Making - project ideas for the kids to make gifts for others.


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