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Kwik Sew Pattern #2605/2606


May 1998

A few years back, I had purchased many yards of spandex fabric, at a great discount. Anxious to play with this type fabric, I searched for girls swim suit patterns. Although they may have been added since, McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue did not have a girls suit in their catalogs. I am not fortunate enough to have a Kwik Sew dealer near me, but had found a great pattern on line. I called their 800 number and received excellent service over the phone. Using my credit card I was able to order patterns #2605 and #2606. By ordering both patterns, I covered the pattern needs of both the 10 year old and the 4 year old, for a few years, because Kwik Sew patterns are multi-sized. I always trace multi-sized patterns to be able to use the other sizes at another time.

I love the design of this swim suit. The top is designed with strap detail, so that the straps stay put, even when swimming and wet. The pattern itself has options of a one or two piece pattern. We camp a lot and all the girls prefer a two piece suit for a quicker exit from the out house.

The ten year old is at that developmental stage, that ready made suits do not take in to consideration. Due to the lack of lining in them, once they are wet, they leave nothing to the imagination. By making her swim suits, I was able to eliminate this problem. I cut the entire front sections out of lining and joined it to the front designer fabric. I then worked them as one piece following the pattern directions.

The pattern directions were very easy to follow and I "played" for the first time with many of the stretch stitch capabilities of my 3 year old machine. I must say though, that Kwik Sew does include directions and pointers for almost every machine type, even a plain straight stitch.

I was even able to eliminate the "riding up bottoms" problem of ready made suits by attaching the elastic to the leg openings so that the elastic was stretched a bit more on the back then on the front. After watching the girls swim for hours this past week, I can testify that it worked! Even the 4 year old didn't complain about a "wedgie".

I made matching plain, hot pink suits for the girls. To help them figure out who's was who's, I let them pick an embroidery design on the machine and using rip away stabilizer, I set a design on their suits.

After testing the waters, I got courageous and played with the pattern. For the 10 year old I added color panels into the top and bottom of the two piece suit. I also did double rows of straight stretch stitch, which gave the suit a very sporty look. Jamie learned a bit about copyrights when she told me, "all it needs is a Nike® checkmark" on the suit.

I will definitely be looking to Kwik Sew Patterns for my sewing needs and would recommend them to a beginner for learning basic sewing skills.

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