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January 2004 Sewing Q&A Index
From Our January 2004 Issue

How would I add purchased lace trim to a skirt hem?
Rachael J.,

Lace is still popular, and adds a nice feminine touch.

If you want the skirt longer, add the lace to the existing hemline. Release the hem stitching and lightly press the hem open so the hem crease is still visible--it will be used as a guideline for pinning and sewing the lace. Starting at the skirt center back, pin the lace to the skirt right side, placing the lace header so it overlaps the original hemline (4).

When you reach the center back, overlap the ends and pin the layers together. Unpin a portion of the lace on either side so you can sew through both layers with a zigzag to join. Trim the excess lace on either side of the stitching (5). Repin the lace to the hem.

From the skirt right side, topstitch the lace header to the skirt using a medium-length narrow zigzag. Trim the skirt hem allowance away close to the stitching.

If you want the skirt to be the same length, pin the lace in place over the skirt so the lace lower edge aligns with the original skirt hemline. Join the ends at the center back as explained above. Stitch the lace to the skirt and then trim away the original skirt hem close to the stitching.

January 2004 Sewing Q&A Index

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