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Sewing Q&A
Terry Siemsen

Is there an easy method to make and apply belt loops?
Sarah G.,
Chicago, IL

Belt loop lengths should be cut equal to the belt width plus 1 1/2". To sew one long belt loop band, cut a lengthwise fabric strip three times the desired finished loop width by the total length needed for all the loops. Use the fabric selvage or serge finish along one long edge.

Fold and press the strip in thirds, with the raw edge enclosed (Figure 1). Topstitch both long edges and cut the strip into the required number of loops.
Figure 1
Fold in thirds; topstitch long edges.

Position the loops along the waistband seamline; pin or baste in place (Figure 2).
Figure 2
Pin or baste loops along waistband seamline.

Apply the waistband, catching the loops in the stitching. Press the loops up and turn under 1/2" at the upper edge. Pin loops in place and topstitch through all layers (Figure 3).
Figure 3
Topstitch loops at waistband upper edge.

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