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February 2004 Sewing Q&A Index
From Our February 2004 Issue

How can I repair a puckered seam on a stretch knit dress? I used a short narrow zigzag and serge-finished the seam allowances.

Linda D.,

First remove the zigzag stitching, trying not to stretch the fabric. If possible place the fabric piece on the ironing board and place the respective pattern pieces over the fabric and pat it back into its original shape. Steam the fabric and let it cool. Spray the fabric along the seam area with spray starch and lightly press to help hold its shape while stitching the seam. Be sure the fabric is cool and dry before moving. Try these suggestions on fabric scraps before re-sewing the seams so you don't have to rip them out again.

Lengthen the zigzag stitch slightly and don't stretch the fabric as you sew. Also reduce the presser-foot pressure so it doesn't distort the fabric as it feeds through the machine. If you can't adjust the pressure, push down on the back of the presser foot as you sew--this lifts up the front, allowing the fabric to feed smoothly underneath (1).

Serge the seam instead. Use a 3-thread overlock stitch if you want maximum stretch and a 3/4-thread overlock for more moderate stretch.

Use a narrower stitch width on lightweight fabrics to help prevent puckering. If the fabric still stretches, set the differential feed to plus .5--increase the amount if necessary.

February 2004 Sewing Q&A Index

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