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Sewing Q&A
Marla Stefanelli
July 2003 Sewing Q&A Index
From Our July 2003 Issue

When I use a wing needle all I get is an ordinary looking straight stitch. What am I doing wrong?
Norma D.,

The needle wings separate the fibers to make holes that are held open by the stitching. The machine must be set for a zigzag stitch. Use a zigzag throatplate and an open-toe embroidery foot for more visibility when sewing. Tighten the upper thread tension to make the stitching more pronounced. It also helps to stitch over the previous stitching, making sure the needle goes in the same holes. This is easy to do--leave the needle in the last hole, lift the presser foot and turn the work around, lower the presser foot and sew again. Note: Don't make any stitch length or width adjustments between the first and second stitching.

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