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Draft Stopper Snake

Make Your Own Draft Snake
Debbie Colgrove

This project is very simple and an excellent beginner project. Straight sewing and simple lining are utilized.
These directions are for a standard 36" wide door. You will need to adjust your measurements for other door sizes. I have made this one long enough to also cover the molding area of the door and wide enough to prevent it from being stuck under the door when the door is opened. If the bottom of your door is exceptionally high from the floor, increase the 8" measurement.

Materials Needed

  • 2 pieces of 8" by 45" wide fabric (or 16" of fabric that is less then 40" wide - This fabric needs to be tightly woven. Preshrinking cottons and cotton blends will usually shrink the fibers and increase the fabric density.
  • Thread
  • Play sand or kitty litter to fill the snake
  • Optional decorative materials
    • A scrap of red felt for a tongue
    • 2 buttons or wiggly eyes


  • Cut your fabrics to measure 8" by 41"
  • Stack the two fabrics. You will work both layers of fabric as one. If you are new to sewing, it will be easier if you baste both pieces together ¼" from the raw edges.
  • Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, to form a 4" by 41" tube.
  • Optional - If you will be adding a tongue. Place a piece of fabric cut to the diagram shape (2½" by ½") into an end seam, so that the forked end of the tongue is inside the snake and the square end is in the seam allowance.

    You may also want to round off the ends of your snake as shown in the diagram.
  • Using a very short machine stitch, sew 1/2" seams on two of the raw edges, leaving one 4" end open.
  • Repeat your stitching using 1/4" seams. This helps prevent leakage of the stuffing materials.
  • Turn snake right sides out. Use a yard stick to push all corners out and smooth
  • Pour kitty litter or play sand into snake, leaving 1" from your unsewn end empty.
  • Turn in 1/2" of raw edges on end. Top stitch this seam closed or slip stitch using very small stitches and repeating to prevent any leakage.
  • Optional - Attach buttons or wiggly eyes.
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