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Singer Treadle Sewing Machine 15-30

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine 15-30

Dateline: 01/24/2000
Debbie Colgrove
machine cabinet

We purchased our home after a tornado forced us to relocate. The home we purchased was in an estate and in the interest of saving time, we agreed to the home not being cleaned out for us to take ownership. Years of accumulations came with the home. Many of the items made their way to a storage building.

Recently my husband and I pulled out the 15-30 Singer Treadle Sewing machine, and began to explore it's history. serialI have no idea how long the machine had sat, unused and abandoned. My first stop was International Sewing Machine Collector's Society. By using the serial number on the machine and the charts on Dating Singer Machines, I was able to find that the machine was manufactured in 1901. Knowing that this machine is rapidly approaching the 100 year old mark, made me all the more determined to find out more.

To learn more, I explored the Restoration Tips From The Experts. Lots of elbow grease and oil later, we replaced the belt and gave the machine its first run in this century.
treadle legsThe restoration process was way laid by some very fascinating reading about sewing history. My mind kept wandering to the clothing that was worn during this time period. The frame of the machine legs, has what must have been designed to keep clothing from being drawn into the belt. This would not meet today's safety standards, but I'm sure was cutting edge in it's time.
I know that the people who had this house were originally from the New York City area. I know that they had horses. In the cabinet drawers I found all kinds of treasure, including the manual. Among the treasures were bits of leather that I can only assume were from repairing the horse related tack.

We took out all 5 drawers and cleaned the cabinet from top to bottom. The manual was in very fragile condition, but I have done my best to share the full pages with you. When I first began exploring the possible information on this machine, I was stumped with why they refer to 5 drawers. To my amazement, even the center front panel is a drawer. machine head

I was totally entranced when , above one of the drawers I found a rent receipt from 1928. I am assuming the address is a place in New York City. The names on the receipt were not those of this house's former owners. Maybe I have found the original owner of this machine due to this ancient rent receipt. If you are a relative of anyone on this receipt or know anything of this address I would love to hear from you!

open treadleThis machine is not in spotless condition. I am positive it has seen many millions of yards of fabric and really wish it could talk! It sat abandoned for an unknown number of years. It was rusted tight when we began to experiment with it. Pieces of the veneer cabinet were missing. It totally amazed me that we were able to get this machine back into a running condition. Even our 5 year old was entranced when she learned how to make the machine go! It fascinated me that I could get this machine up to the speed of my industrial models.

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Picture tour of the machine See the machine manual

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