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Make A Pleated Dust Ruffle

Debbie Colgrove Materials Needed:
  • Muslin for base (or a sheet cut to size)
  • Fashion fabric
  • Ruler/ yard stick/tape measure
  • Thread

Note: All directions use 1/2" seams
Measure Box spring or platform which the dust ruffle will be placed on. Add 1/2" seams to each side. (Muslin may be need to be seamed to make the platform)

Measuring Diagram

Measure from top edge of the box spring or platform to the floor. Add 1 " to this measurement for seam allowance and hem.
Mark the 1/2 way point of each side on the muslin platform and the corners. (Red dot on diagram) Mark 4" to each side of the half way and corner marks. (black dots on diagram)

Make strips of fashion fabric so that any seaming will be at the center of your pleats. (This would be measurement from end to center red dot plus 8" and 1/2" seam allowance Or from red dot to red dot plus 17".) Hem the bottom edge and ends of the fashion fabric. Hem the head board end of the platform.(Fold under 1/4" and 1/4" again, top stitch hem)
Lay platform out flat (right side up).
Lay fashion fabric on top of platform (print side down towards the platform), lining up the raw edges.
Starting at the head board end, match edges untill you get to the center red mark, Pin, fold back to black mark. Pin. Line edge up to the next black mark, fold fabric under itself to the center mark, Pin, Pin at black mark. Proceed to next set of marks and repeat until you have worked your way around the platform.

Stitch the fashion fabric on to the platform. Finish raw edges with a zig zag or by serging.
Press pleats and arrange on your bed. Tips And Tricks
If you are using two fashion fabrics through out the room, seam one of the fabrics into the pleated areas, at the inside fold lines.
contrast sample

By making your own, the possibilities are limit less.
Add a ruffle layer of lace or fabric on top of the pleated layer.
Pleated ruffles are a great way to conceal necessary splits for bed legs.
Make a dust ruffle, a Duvet Cover, and Flanged Pillow Shams,to give your room a new look.
Use your creativity to make a bed skirt for a doll bed.

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