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Assembly instructions For
Making Your Own Removable Cushion Covers

Dateline: 04/04/98
Debbie Colgrove
Assembly Direction

Measure and cut all pieces as described in Sewing Feature 03/28/98


Optional:Tie Down Laces Placement

Using your scraps, on the straight grain cut 1" strips by the desired length. The length will depend upon the are you have to tie to.

Fold strip in half and then fold edged in to the center fold line. Top stitch closed near the edges that are folded in.

Place the folded middle of the tie piece on to the bottom section where you want them to line up with where you can tie them down when completed.

Zipper Placement

Place right sides of the fabric to right side of the zipper. Line up edges and ends. Sew fabric to zipper, using 1/4" seams. Press fabric back away from zipper. Top stitch 1/8" away from fabric edge, through all layers of fabric and zipper, at edge of pressed seam.


Attaching Side Sections

With right sides together, join end of zipper section to end of the side strip section, using 1/2"seams. Be Careful as you sew through the zipper area! Press fabric back towards side strip. Top stitch in to place. Again be careful as you stitch through the zipper.


Adding Cording To Your Cover

Following the directions for cording or piping, attach your chosen trim to the edge of the top and bottom fabric pieces.


Attaching Top And Bottom To The Side Section

Find center of the zipper section, match to center of the back of the top cushion piece. Line the entire piece up with the top. Stitch together using 1/2" seams. Make notches in the seam allowance of the side piece, as you reach the corners. Make sure to stitch close to your cording, if you have added it.

Repeat with bottom section.

Turn right sides out. Insert cushion and work the foam into the corners and smooth.

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