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Free Sewing Patterns for Gifts to Sew for Mother's on Mother's Day

Debbie Colgrove

Nothing says how much you care more than a gift made with your own two hands. AND you save money so mom doesn't have to worry that you spent to much!
  • Scented Hot Pads -- Keep them in a plastic bag when you aren't using them and the scent will last!
  • Hanging Hand Towels -- Sew them up for the kitchen or the bathroom to match any color theme.
  • Craft Tool And Paint Brush Holder -- If mom goes to craft classes or takes her crafts outside, she's bound to enjoy having this holder!
  • Envelope Back Pillows -- These are a simple project that can be made for any room.
  • Pot Holders -- These pot holders are easy to make and don't take forever to dry because the padding can be taken out for laundering.
  • Cloth Napkins -- Mom might love to have these for guests and would never invest in them herself. Surprise her!
  • Bonnet Needle Book -- Does mom sew on the run? This needle book may be perfect for her.
  • Keep Em Cold Can Wraps - Personalize one with embroidery or applique so mom has her own!
  • Table Centerpiece -- Not much sewing and you have a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Draft Stopper Snake -- If your mom is having the same anxiety attack that I am about fuel prices, she'll appreciate these to help keep the house warm next winter.
  • One Yard Apron -- A simple project that you can make in any cotton fabric so it shows what mom likes.
  • Beach Bag -- Encourage mom to take time out for some relaxation by making her a beach bag.
  • Potpourri Pie! -- A center piece that is not only an eye catcher, it holds a fragrance.
  • Clothes Pin Bag -- If your mom has taken to hanging the laundry to save on the power bills, she'll appreciate this pin holder. Embroidery or applique it for a special touch.
  • Make An Eye Glass Case -- Does mom have to take her glasses off for some tasks? Make her a special place to keep track of them.
  • Simple Tote Bags -- No one ever has enough tote bags. Make mom a couple of them.
  • Sew A BBQ Apron -- The grill is bound to be up and running this summer. Give mom a way to protect her clothes. Find some neat embroidery designs for BBQ here. Be sure to scan down the page to see my favorites.
  • Fabric Checkbook Cover -- Make mom smile when she has to spend money writing a check by making her a personalized checkbook cover.
  • Dish Liquid Apron -- Use your scraps from making pot holders or hanging dish towels so the dish liquid matches the rest of the kitchen.
  • Fabric Dish or Dish Insulator -- Mom is bound to appreciate this for her kitchen when the crowd comes home for a picnic or for dinner.
  • Dog Bone Neck Pillow -- If mom's neck bothers her, this pillow may be just perfect for her.
  • Sew Your Own Pocketbook -- Make one for mom!
  • Book Cover with Zipper & Handle -- Mom's bound to love this cover for any book she uses frequently.
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