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Fabric Embellishment

Do you love the shirts and accessories you've seen in boutiques but can't handle the price tag on them? This week we are going to explore doing our own embellishing. There are terrific Applique Net Links to get your creative juices flowing.

A visit to any fabric or craft store will yield many tee shirt and sweat shirt embellishment ideas. My daughters feel in love with one, we saw recently, that used purchased appliques, fabric paint and ribbon. Elmo balloons were made on a tee shirt with fabric paint with Elmo centered on the balloons, than ribbon was used to make the balloon strings. A very simple idea that made a very special shirt.

Embellishment doesn't stop at clothing. Home Decorating with embellishments can make a house a home. Simple pillows can be made into something very special with a bit of embellishment. Plain homemade or purchased curtains can be made into a show piece with embellishment. Adding a lace or contrasting ruffle, will give them a whole new look. Plain tie backs can be a real eye catcher with embroidery or trim additions. Use your creativity to tie all the colors in a room together and make a room as unique as your personality.

Many free sewing projects can be make a personalized statement with embellishment and appliques. Use applique letters to personalize a shopping bag with a name.


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