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Make a Beach Bag

Dateline: 06/26/99

This week we will explore creating our own beach bag. Whenever you travel, there never seems to be enough bags to carry everything. Now you can sew your own solution.

Bag sketch

Materials Needed:

  • 1 1/4 Yards of 60" wide fabric (Something durable and washable is best. I used wind breaker Nylon, which also helped keep things dry.)
  • Thread
  • 5 yards of 1" or wider Webbing (or additional fabric to make your own straps).
  • Scrapes of fabric for appliques
  • Ribbon or cording for the drawstring
  • Optional:Cord locks


Cutting and Marking Diagram
  • Cut one piece of fabric 22" by 60" (Use a carpenters square to make sure you keep the pieces square)
  • Cut 2 pieces 15" by 23.5"
  • Mark center bottom on both long edges (60") of the 22 by 60" piece (30" from edge or half way mark)
  • Mark center on of the smaller pieces (both pieces)on a 15" edge.
  • Strap Placement
      strap diagram
    • If using nylon webbing,use heat to melt and seal the ends of the strap.
    • Mark webbing at 2.5 yards
    • Measure 3" in towards the center on the 22" by 60" piece from both center bottom marks.
    • Pin one end of the webbing to this mark on one side.
    • Pin the 2.5 yard mark of the webbing to the other mark. Bring the other end to meet the first end, Forming a continuous loop.
    • Pin the webbing the rest of the way, keeping it an even amount from the edge. Stop 4" from the top edge.
    • Top stitch in to place on both edges of the webbing and across the top stopping point.
  • Join the 15" edge with the 60" edge, matching center marks.
  • Stitch, using 1/2" seams, starting at your center mark, stitching to 1/2" from corner edge of the 15" by 23.5" piece. Rotate to stitch the 23.5"side to the remaining edge of the long piece.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Make a buttonhole, 1.5" in from the edge, horizontal with the top of the bag.
  • Zig zag or serge the top edge of the bag.
  • Press top edge under 1". Stitch into place.
  • Ran a draw string through the casing. Tie off ends. Pull top of bag closed by pulling draw string through both buttonholes.
  • Optional: Cut a piece of cardboard, plastic canvas or light weight wood to fit the bottom rectangle.

Beach Applique Ideas
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