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Serger Stitches
Debbie Colgrove

Going back twelve years, I was an assistant manager at a chain fabric store. I drooled at the sergers on display daily. I was putting away a small amount of money weekly to eventually own my dream. Mother nature stepped in and I have a wonderful daughter who used up that savings account. Throughout my pregnancy, I had most of the store employees convinced that I was going to name the baby Sergio or Sergiette. Don't worry, I named her Bethany.

Eventually I bought a basic 3/4 thread serger with differential feed. I used that machine to it's limits and after 10 years of use and abuse, it was on it's last leg and down to only being able to hold one needle. I debated with getting anew needle holder for the machine but decided to splurge and buy my dream.

This past week I bought a 5 thread Huskylock 936. Due to other obligations, I only allowed the sales person a very limited amount of time to show me the machine and it's capabilities when I went to pick it up. The machine comes with a full manual and a video which are WONDERFUL. I can't be the only person who gets so excited at buying a new sewing machine that I forget half (or more) of what the salesperson taught me once I leave the store. The video filled in every gap and walked me through everything. It even has "stop signs" recorded into the video so you can stop the tape, without having to rewind to start the next step.

So what do you do when you get a new sewing toy? I spent an entire day playing to learn everything on the video. I still have to play with wooly nylon and decorative threads in the looper, but I have mastered the basics, and a bit beyond.

The Huskylock 936 is loaded with features! If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the stitch advisor. The machine totally tells you what to do and what settings to use for every stitch. Sixteen stitches are pre-programmed with six built-in fabric choices to go with each stitch. The machine also has 50 memories which I haven't even touched yet.

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