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Robot Costume

Dateline: 09/30/97

We'll be elaborating on sleeve protectors, using card board boxes and foil to create a memorable little robot.

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard box - large enough for torso
  • Foil Pie Plate
  • Silver spray paint
  • Colored tissue or cellophane (read tips for making your own colored cellophane)
  • Foil
  • Flashlight
  • Old knobs from appliances
  • Sleeve Protectors - see directions below for necessary alterations
  • Strong glue (hot glue is my favorite)
  • Strong tape (masking or duct tape)


Altering Sleeve Protectors:

Use the directions in our previous features for sleeve protectors.

You will need to make two sets, one for the arms and one for the legs of the costume.

Make them out of shiny silver fabric, lining fabric will work.

Make the following changes to the directions:

  1. Measure from crotch to ankle for the leg.
  2. Measure from shoulder to wrist for arms.
  3. Add 4 inches to the diameter measurements.

Preparing Cardboard Box:

Leave the bottom of the box open.

Cut a hole in the top of the box for the head to go through.

Lay the pie plate on the center front of the box. Trace around it. Cut out a circle approximately 1/2" inside of your traced circle. This leaves you an area to attach the plate.

Cut out arm holes.

Spray paint the box.

Pie Plate:

Cut out alternate triangles from the bottom area of the pie plate.

Glue colored cellophane or tissue to the inside of the pie plate over the triangle holes.

Assembling box and plate:

When the paint on the box has dried, glue the plate over the whole in the box.

Tape a flashlight inside the box so it is facing the plate.

Glue appliance knobs on to represent control knobs.

Head Piece:

Wrap the head in foil, except the face. Attach antennas made from tubes of foil to the top of the head.

A different head piece can be made from a small box. You must be careful to maintain a child's vision. When we made this costume for an older child, we used a small square box. We attached it to the larger box by gluing the box flaps at the neck area and cutting the hole for the head through the flaps. We attached an old set of rabbit ears (TV antennas) to the top of the box and spray painted the whole thing silver. We also attached tart size pans on the sides for "ears." We cut holes in another pie pan to hide his face. As you can see in the picture, this costume didn't pass safety requirements. He was going to a house party and removed the face pie plate, in no time flat, so he could munch out.

Robot Tips

If you have an old jogging suit, you can skip making the sleeve protectors by spray painting the suit silver.

If you don't have colored cellophane left over from Easter, you can make your own. Save the clear cellophane from packaging (like the widow in cake boxes). Make different colors by using highlighter markers to color the cellophane.

You can add "tail lights" by using tart size pie pans and red cellophane. Follow the same directions as the front pie plate.

Use your imagination to decorate the robot.

If you have an old pair of sneakers and an old pair of gloves, spray paint them silver also.

I hope you enjoy the project and if you have any problems, please be sure to email me.

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