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Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Dateline: 10/02/98
Dino and boy
Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Pajamas To Dinosaur
These directions will use a one piece pajama pattern. By creating a pattern piece for the tail, stiff triangles (to be inserted in the back seam) and an applique on the belly, these pajamas are bound to be your child's favorites. Finish the costume with matching mittens and slippers or shoe covers.
Using the center back seam, you will create a tail.
Tail Diagram

Refer to the above diagram and use the seam from just above the waist line to just before the crotch bends in. It will be your decision how long to make your tail. One thing to keep in mind, is if you will be leaving the tail in the seam, after Halloween, you won't want it too large, as it would be impossible to sleep on.
Triangle Spikes diagram

Make Triangle pieces from a contrasting color fabric. Stiffen your triangle spikes with a stiff interfacing . Note: If your child will be trick or treating outdoors, the spikes and belly applique are a great place to use reflective fabric, for extra safety.
Attach the tail to the crotch seam of the center back. Set the triangles in to the center back, starting at the top of the hood and ending at the end of the tail.
You can "puff" the tail by lightly filling it with batting and then closing the center back seam, by sewing through all four layers of fabric.
Make an applique for both sides of the front and set it into place before you sew in the zipper.
Follow the rest of the pattern manufacturers directions to complete your costume.
Use mittens and slippers, made from the same fabric, to finish the costume.
Use costume make up to make your child's face the same color as the costume.

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