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Halloween Costumes and Inspiration
Debbie Colgrove
Follow the links to over 150 free costumes and inspiration to kick start your imagination. Many of them require little to no sewing. Use the information found here to create your own costume.

Organizational Time Saving Tips | Over 150 Links to Free Costume Patterns
Halloween Costume Books | Commercial Costume Pattern Links
How to Add Stiffness and Body to Fabric | Add Stiffness and Shape to Clothing and Costumes

Sew a Halloween Appliquéd Sweat Shirt
Sew a Clown Hat
Free Clown Costume Patterns
Sew a Ballerina Costume
How to Sew a Ballerina Tutu Costume
Pirate Skirt
Pirate Skirt

How to Sew a Nun Habit Costume Pattern

Car or Mouse Ears

Dog Ears
Poodle Skirt Tips
Tips to make a Poodle Skirt

Viewer Submitted Halloween Costumes
Finished Costume Bunny Ears
Costume Bunny Ears
School Christmas Mouse Vest Apron
Simple Costume Apron
Pirates and Clown Costumes
Pirate Eye Patch
Convert a PJ Pattern
Costume Animal Tails
Sew A BBQ Apron & Chef's Hat for a Chef Costume
Chef Hat
Sew A BBQ Apron & Chef's Hat for a Chef Costume
BBQ Apron
Elf Costume Shoes
Elf Shoes
Sew Costume Foot Coverings
Basic Costume Foot Coverings
Alien Costume
Alien Costume

Jack In The Box
Energizer Bunny
Energized Bunny
Fairy Princess
Halloween 2000

Genie Costume
Dinosaur Costume
Economical Halloween Costumes
Fabric Pumpkin
Flower Costume
Grapes Halloween Costume
Directions to create a nurse's cap with fabric or poster board.
Nurse's Halloween Costume
Tea Bag Costume
How to Sew a Clown Collar
Spiffy Clown Costumes
Pokemon Halloween Costumes
Robot Costume
Trick or Treat Loot Bags
Walkman Costume
Bag of Marshmallows
Money Tree
Dracula Costume
Pay Phone Costume
Skeleton Costume
Scary Doctor Costume
Doctor Kevorkian and Patient Costumes for a Couple
Christmas Tree Costume
Simple Pirate Costume
Homemade Clown Makeup
Toothpaste Costume
Bird Costume
Blue Dog Costume
Blues Clues Party Hat
How to Make a Grape Bunch Costume | eHow.com
Butterfly Costumes
Cat Costume
Clifford Hat
Dalmatian Hat
Craft: Duck Hat
Dresser Costume
Duck Costume
Easy Autumn Fairy Costume
Easy Dalmatian Hat
Easy Infant Jack-O-Lantern Costume
Engineer and his Train
Eyeball Costume
Firefighter Costume
Coolest Fleur Delacour Costume 15
Coolest Homemade Flower Costume Ideas
Harry Potter Costume
Make Two Daft Punk Outfits with Helmets
Hula Outfit
King and his Throne
Knight Costume
Kids Knight Costume
Ladybug Costume
LEGO Brick Costume
LEGO Alien Mask
M&M Costume
Magician Costume
Princess Costume
Race Car Costume
Racing Driver Costume
Scooby Doo Dog Costume
Superman Costume
Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Halloween Makeup recipe
Big Baby Costumes
Pacman Costume
Bubble Bather
Group and Family Halloween Costumes
Winnie the Pooh Mask
Hula Dancer
Knight in Armor
Knight with Shield
Unicorn Costume
Fire Breathing Dragon Costume
How to Make a Witches Broom
Little Bearded Gnome
Giraffe Costume
Bag of Gross-eeries
Animal Costumes for Infants and Up
20 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids | Reader's Digest
Alvin & The Chipmunks
Artist Costume
Baby Frog Costume
Baby Indian Costume
Dalmation Puppy Costume
Dresser Costume
Duck Costume
Infant Jack-O-Lantern Costume
Eye Ball Costume
Fire Fighter Costume
Fleur Delacour Costume
Create a Helmet for Costumes
Knight Costume and Shield
Human LEGO Brick Costume
Mummy Costumes
Popcorn Costume
Pizza Slice Costume
Pretty Pink Pig Halloween Costume - Reader's Digest
Scarecrow Costume
Superman Costume
Realistic helmet Instructions
Xena, the Warrior Princess Costume
Basic Costume Dress Pattern
Renaissance & Medieval Clothing Projects
Christmas Present
Cotton Candy
Gumball Machine
Cheese Sandwich Costume
Hershey Kiss
Bubble Bath Costume
Unique Chicken
Bumble Bee
Family/Group Costume Ideas
Wise Guise Costumes
Pirate Costume Skirt

Organizational Time Saving Tips | Over 150 Links to Free Costume Patterns
Halloween Costume Books | Commercial Costume Pattern Links

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