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finished pillow
Sewing Lesson - Corded Pillow
piped pillow

Note: To learn the most, please follow all the links that are provided and complete the previous lesson before starting this lesson.

Having completed a simple envelope back pillow, it's time to add more design to a pillow. This pillow is going to have all 4 edges seamed in order to add the piping in to the edges. Don't panic! By taking things one step at a time, you can do anything!

Step one

Always assemble all the materials you will need for a project. There is nothing more frustrating then being on a roll sewing, and being forced to stop because you ran out of something you need.
For this lesson I am going to leave the size of the pillow up to you. By teaching you to read through the directions when multi sizes are offered, you will be on the road to reading and understanding almost any pattern.
Materials List

  • A pillow form
  • You won't need more then a 1/2 yard for this pillow. 100% cotton woven fabric (shirting weight) - More information Please make one pillow cover out of the cotton before attempting other home decorating fabric. There is a lot less bulk to work with and it is easier to feel where your piping is while you are sewing with this weight fabric.
  • One Package of pre-made piping. Wrights® Maxi Piping is available at most fabric or craft stores.
  • Thread to match your fabric - More information
  • A sewing machine - With a new needle (80/11)
  • Scissors - sharp for fabric.
  • Pattern - More information
  • Marking chalk or pencil
  • Straight pins - Pins with plastic heads are easier to find when they land on the floor. Quilting pins are larger and easier to work with for a novice.
  • Ruler or yard stick (at least 16" long)

Pattern and cutting sizes:

Create your pattern to the size of the pillow form you have chosen, using the chart below.

Pattern and cutting diagram

Pillow Size Front Piece Back Pieces
12" 12"X12" (2) 12X10
14" 14"X14" (2) 14"X11"
16" 16"X16" (2) 16"X12"
18" 18"X18" (2) 18"X13"

Assembly Instructions

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