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Woven & Knits Fabric Characteristics - Sewing - About.com
Sewing patterns call for fabric. Many times there are special fabric requirements you need to consider to choose fabric, such as nap, without nap, one way ...
Fabric Characteristics -- Choosing Plaid Fabric - Sewing - About.com
Choosing a plaid fabric will require a few special considerations when you are sewing. Learn about those considerations here.
With Nap or Without Nap Fabric Characteristics - Sewing - About.com
Sewing patterns call for fabric. As you read a pattern envelope you will see different requirements for with or without nap. Learn why recognizing fabric nap is  ...
Fabric Characteristics -- Fabrics With One Way Designs - Sewing
Choosing a fabric with a one way design requires other considerations beyond being pretty. Find out what you must consider when choosing a fabric with a one  ...
Fabric Characteristics -- Diagonal Prints - Sewing - About.com
Diagonal print fabric may be beautiful but it may not work for the project you want to sew. Learn about the things you need to consider here.
Fabric Characteristics - Fabric Choices for First Time Sewing
The very best choice for the first time you are sewing is tightly woven 100% cotton woven fabric. It's characteristics make the fabric " stick" together as you are ...
Fabric Information - Storage, Characteristics, Sewing and More
Learn about fabric so you have success on your finished sewing project and find tips so you ... Fabric Characteristics - Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com.
Understanding Fabric Grain - Sewing
Fabric Grain - Lengthwise, Crosswise and Bias Grain of Fabric ... How to Cut Fabrics on the Straight Grain · Fabric Characteristics -- Types of Fabric · Why Every ...
Nylon Definition, Nylon Fabric Care, Nylon
Nylon is a great and popular fabric for use in clothing and homes, but it requires special care. Popularly used in activewear, nylon items are great for their wash ...
Rayon Fabric Definition, RAyon Fabric Care, Rayon Fabric
Find out how to care for rayon fabric. Rayon fabric is used in many clothing and home furnishing projects. Find out about rayon fabric and its uses.
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