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Woven & Knits Fabric Characteristics - Sewing - About.com
Sewing patterns call for fabric. Many times there are special fabric requirements you need to consider to choose fabric, such as nap, without nap, one way ...
With Nap or Without Nap Fabric Characteristics - Sewing - About.com
Sewing patterns call for fabric. As you read a pattern envelope you will see different requirements for with or without nap. Learn why recognizing fabric nap is  ...
Fabric Characteristics -- Fabrics With One Way Designs - Sewing
Choosing a fabric with a one way design requires other considerations beyond being pretty. Find out what you must consider when choosing a fabric with a one  ...
Fabric Characteristics -- Diagonal Prints - Sewing - About.com
Diagonal print fabric may be beautiful but it may not work for the project you want to sew. Learn about the ... Fabric Characteristics -- Types of Fabric. By Debbie ...
Fabric Characteristics - Fabric Choices for First Time Sewing
Making a fabric choice will help make your first project a success. Learn what to choose here. ... Fabric Characteristics -- Types of Fabric. By Debbie Colgrove.
Fabric Characteristics -- Choosing Plaid Fabric - Sewing - About.com
Choosing a plaid fabric will require a few special considerations when you are sewing. Learn about those considerations here.
Tips for Sewing Knits and Stretchy Fabric - About.com
Save all of your scraps, or grab some stretchy fabric from your rag pile and try out these simple tricks and tips to sew ... Fabric Characteristics -- Types of Fabric ...
Sewing Fabric Information and Fabric Sources - About.com
Some type of fabric is the basis of all sewing. Learn about the types and characteristics of fabric available. Learn how to care for fabric. Learn how to preshrink ...
Sewing Knits - About.com
Definition of Knits Fabric Characteristics When sewing knits, your seams need to have some stretch qualities to match the fabric. Many people experience ...
Guide to Understanding and Caring for Sewing Fabric - About.com
Fabric Characteristics. Choosing your first piece of fabric is not just a choice of what looks beautiful to you. You need to know the difference in woven and knit ...
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