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Sewing - By Category

Free Sewing Patterns and Projects
These free sewing patterns can be used for almost any aspect of your sewing pleasure. Patterns can be found for making clothing, pocketbooks, gifts, clothing, baby items, aprons, bags, totes, purses, toys or more.

Sewing Basics
Starting something new can seem very inundating, but it doesn't have to if you find a way to be guided through every step of learning. This is the place to be guided through learning how to sew, starting with all the basic information you need.

Sewing Patterns
The internet is a wonderful resource for sewing patterns and allows you to browse endless catalogs of sewing patterns to find a perfect pattern to meet your needs.

Sewing Techniques
Many people punt to learn their own way to sew different items and take the rough road of experimenting. This information will guide you through experimenting to sew any and everything you can imagine. Once you've mastered basic sewing skills,you will be expanding your creative abilities.

Learn How to Sew - Every thing you need to get started sewing!
Don't let fear stop you when there is a wealth of free information to guide you through learning how to sew! Starting simple and working into harder projects is the best way to learn the basics and gradually build your new found sewing skills! You'll be sewing like a pro in no time flat!

Sew to Create Your Own Home Decorating
Pillows, curtains, bedding and more are all simple straight sewing that creates items that can cost a fortune and still might not be exactly what you have in mind. Explore these sites to find the perfect pattern for the home decorating item you want to create.

Sewing Machine Information, Sewing Machine Trouble Shooting and More
A sewing machine is a lot faster than hand sewing with a needle and thread.. if you know how to operate a sewing machine and it cooperates with how you think it should work. Learn about sewing machines and solve your sewing machine problems with this information.

Machine Embroidery Designs and More!
Many sewing machines are now available for the home with embroidery options... and not just decorative stitches. Learn about sewing machines that will embroider an entire design.

Halloween Costumes - Free Patterns to Sew Halloween Costumes and More
There are millions of Halloween costumes to choose from, but only the best is what you will find through the information on this page. Surf and spur your imagination by Here you'll find links to everything for Halloween.

Sewing Fabric Information & Fabric Sources
Wool, cotton, silk, chiffon and other fabrics are all desirable for home sewing. These categories will guide you to finding the perfect fabric for what you want to sew.

Sewing Notions Information
Some sewing notions make sewing jobs easier to achieve, others maybe the only way to perform certain sewing tasks. Learning about all of the sewing tools that are available wil;l help you achieve more!

Sewing Publications and Media
Sewing information is available in many forms. The Internet can expose you to sewing information sources and book reviews that you probably won't find on a best sellers list but it's a book you should have. Learn about these options here.

Sewing for Holidays And Occasions
Sewing a gift shows more caring that buying a gift at the store. Sewing your own decorations, allows you that decorate your way. You'll find many options for all of the holidays here.

Sewing Organizations & Groups
Groups and organizations are created to bring people with like interests together. A sewing group will help inspire and recharge your sewing adventures.

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