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Free Adult Clothing Sewing Projects

You'll find free adult clothing patterns and projects to meet you ward robe needs here. Save time at the store searching for a patterns and save money using a free pattern.

Clothing and Wardrobe Accessories
A basic wardrobe can be stretched into so many different combination that no one will even realize you have a limited clothing budget. Accessories are a great way to add to any outfit. These free sewing patterns keep clothing accessories an economical way to stretch your wardrobe.

Quick Shamrock Applique for Saint Patrick's Day
Ready to be Irish on Saint Patrick's Day? Create this Shamrock applique shirt so you have the prefect way to be Irish on Saint Patty's Day!

Free Patterns and Directions to Create Your Own Hair Flowers
Easter, weddings and many every day outfits can be complimented with a fabric hair flower. These free directions will guide you through how to make the fabric flowers and ways to use the fabric flowers for different ways to wear the fabric hair flower.

Free Sewing Patterns for Panties, Bras, Slips and Undergarments
Sewing your own panty, bra. slip or any kind of undergarment allows you to make underwear that will fit and in a color and fabric you want. Follow this collection of links to sites which offer free sewing patterns for all kinds of underwear.

Free Sewing Patterns for Hair Accessories
If you sew you have scraps of fabric and you can easily convert in to wearable items for adorning hair and complimenting and outfit. Save your money for new shoes and sew all the other items you wear.

How To Repair Embellishments That Come off a Garment
When you buy an item, you never know what can happen in the laundry. These directions will guide you through fixing that embellishment that comes off the item in the washer or dryer... and tips to prevent the problem to start with.

Sew Yourself A Dressed Up Sweat Shirt - Embellish a Sweatshirt with Cut Work
This project is a great way to transform an inexpensive sweatshirt into something special... you may even want to make sweatpants to match once you see how easy this is with the free pattern and directions that are provided.

Sew a Quick and Easy Belt - Sew A Simple Belt with Many Possible Variations
This free sewing pattern will have you sewing a quick and easy belt. It's so easy and the possibilities are endless so be prepared to sew more than one!

Free Directions to Create a Scrunchie Fabric Headband
It's not just kids that have long hair and wear headbands. Follow these simple directions to create a fabric headband for every outfit.

Sew a Simple Addition for Your Hats and Keep Bugs Out of Your Eyes
Do you love the great outdoors but hate the bugs heading straight for your eyes? This simple to sew hat addition can save you fighting the bugs and have you enjoying the garden.

Free Patterns to Sew Clothing
Many of the sites where you will find free patterns, require you to be a member. When the price of membership is free and it gives you access to patterns that you don't have to travel to purchase and you have immediate access to the pattern, what could be better? Have plenty of paper and tape on hand to print these patterns with your home...

Sew A Floor Pillow to Keep Your Feet Warm
Ever sit at a desk barefoot and wish you had something to keep your feet warm? This foot pillow is a great way to keep your feet warm without them being all bundled up in shoes or slippers.

An Easy to Make Warm and Practical Fleece Shawl
Here's an easy to make fleece shawl with pockets that is warm and practical. You'll find a free sewing pattern and full easy to follow directions here.

Apple Basket Applique Tee Shirt or Sweat Shirt
What could be more perfect to wear in apple picking season than a tee shirt or sweat shirt adorned with a basket of apples applique? How about a potholder with a basket of Apples appliqued on it? Find free step by step directions to create your own tee or sweat shirt here.

Simple Ways to Meet Dress Code Rules On Ready Made Clothing
Simple additions are an easy way to convert store bought clothes that are too short to meet school dress codes. Learn how to transform store bought clothes here.

Complete Step by Step Directions to ChangeJeans in to a Jeans Skirt
Learn how to change jeans in to a skirt following these step by step directions with photos to show you how to change jeans into a skirt.

Free Directions to Sew a Long Fabric Scarf
You see them everywhere, a loose fabric scarf creating a detached cowl neck look. You'll find free directions to sew your own extra long fabric scarf and save money here.

Embellish Sweatshirts and Tee Shirts
Sweatshirts and tee shirts are on the inexpensive side of a wardrobe. Dress them up for special occasions and and inexpensive wardrobe that you can wear with pride.

Fall Leaves and Acorn Shirt
I love having an appropriate shirt for every season but hate paying a fortune to have one. You'll find free directions to sew this fall shirt with colorful leaves and acorns by using scraps from your sewing projects here.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Personal Care Kit for Charity or Travel
You'll find a free pattern to sew a personal care kit for charity or for travel here.

Adult Swim Suit Cover-Up
Use a beach towel to create a simple elastic topped swim suit cover-up for the beach or pool side. You'll find free step by step directions here.

Dressed Up Sweat Shirt Project -- Hearts and Cut Work
Free, full, step by step, online directions Dress up a sweat shirt. An economical project to transform an inexpensive sweatshirt.

Dress up an Inexpensive Sweat Shirt
Sewing A Dressed Up Sweat Shirt - Transform an Ordinary Sweat Shirt Take an inexpensive sweat shirt and turn it in to something extraordinary. You'll find easy to follow directions here. sewing a sweat shirt quick sewing project free sewing projects altering a sweat shirt transform use sweat shirt

Sew a Fabric Shawl
A simple free pattern to keep your shoulders covered on a chilly evening and still wear a seductive dress.

Sew a Shrug
A shrug is the perfect solution to cover bare shoulders and add style to an outfit. Convert a tee shirt or other ready made item to make your perfect shrug. Explore the free patterns to sew a shrug here.

Free Directions to Sew a Bra Strap Holder and Hide A Bra Strap
Summer clothing sometimes allows bra straps to be in sight. Here's a simple way to sew a bra strap holder that will keep your bra strap hidden.

Sew a Removable Money Hiding Bra Pocket
Traveling with cash can be risky. Hiding money in your bra has been done for a long time. Secure the cash in your bra with this simple to sew removable money hiding bra pocket.

Fabric Shawl
You blew the budget on a beautiful dress for an evening out... now the weather report says it's going to be chilly. Here's a simple economical free project that will make a fabric shawl to elliminate the worry of the weather turning.

Create Easy to Fit Fabric with Elastic Thread
Sew a simple to sew elastic gathered sun dress or skirt using the elastic thread gathered fabric that you make yourself, by following these free, easy to follow, step by step directions.

Easy Designer Jeans at a HUGE Savings!
Designer jeans cost a fortune! Save money and turn ordinary jeans into designer jeans... with YOU being the designer. See one of many options here

Christmas Embellishment
Here's a great idea for adding sparkle to your holiday crafts and clothing.

One Yard Apron
Full directions to make a simple draw string apron with one yard of fabric.

Fabric Paint And Applique Tee Shirt
An example of ways to combine different embellishment techniques for true creativity.

Sew a Simple Towel Robe or Beach Cover Up from Two Matching Towels
You'll find a free step by step pattern and directions to sew a simple robe or cover up made from two towels here. Four seams create this easy to make and easy to wear towel robe.

Sewing Slippers
Places to find free and retail patterns and pointers for making slippers.

Sleeve Protectors
Make a set for art class and the trunk of your car to prevent those hard to get out stains.

Here's a great spot for learning the basics of making your own belt.

Broomstick Skirt
Full detail and instructions for making a broomstick skirt from Erica's Free Project Library.

Fabulous-Furs (TM) Headband
A printable pattern and directions for a perfect winter headband.

PatternMaker Sewing projects -- Women's panties
A free pattern and great directions to sew panties.

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