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Free Directions to Sew a Bra Strap Holder and Hide A Bra Strap

Keep Bra Straps Hidden


Open Bra Strap Holder

Open Bra Strap Holder

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Many summer dresses have narrow shoulder straps that always seem to leave your bra strap showing when you move. Summer neck lines on many blouses and shirts cause the same problem. You "thought" the blouse would cover your bra strap... and then pulled the shirt and bras strap in place all day. If the garment has a shoulder seam, here's a simple solution to the problem!


  • Double Fold Bias Tape - small scraps will do if you have them on hand.
  • Small sew on snaps
  • Thread

  • Try on the blouse or shirt. Place a pin on both edges of the area the bra strap should be on both shoulders.
  • Hand sew one side of a snap on to the shoulder seam allowance, on the outside edge of each marked spot.
  • Measure the distance from the outside edge of one strap to the outside edge of the other snap
  • Cut two strips of bias tape, 3/4" longer the distance between the snaps.
  • Turn in the raw ends of the bias tape 1/4". Stitch the edges of the bias tape closed.
  • Hand sew the other sides of the snaps to each end of the bias tape.
  • Enclose your bra strap in the bias strip to wear and hold the bra strap in place.
Note: The snaps shown here are Dritz Nylon sew-On Snaps. These snaps work great for this project! They are lighter weight and less bulky than regular metal snaps. Buy Dritz® Nylon Sew-On Snaps at Joanns.com

Viewer tip:
From Lynne Lamberg:

I make a thread-crochet bra strap holder, securing the thread at the open end with a small snap. This technique also creates less bulk in the garment.

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