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Sew a Shrug

Free Patterns & Directions


A shrug is a simple sewing project that is the perfect solution to covering bare shoulders without adding a coat. Explore the many options in shrug styles and decide what is best for you.

Many of the links provided use tee shirts and other ready made items. Tee shirt directions can be converted for converting sweat shirts in the cooler weather.

  • Make a Shrug the Lazy Way - A simple shrug using a tee shirt. I would recommend bias tape to prevent warping the ribbon that was used in the example.
  • Tee Shirt Shrug Tutorial - This finished shrug is positively adorable! The tutorial is loaded with pictures. The only part of the directions that are a bit vague are the cutting instructions.
  • How to Make a Shrug from a Square Scarf - This is a great shrug to make ifyou have some fur on hand. A warm and cozy shrug!
  • Fur Shrug -
  • Plaid Blanket Shrug This shrug started with a purchased plaid blanket and had crochet added to make a warmer than "normal" shrug.
  • Crochet Shrug Patterns - Links to many free patterns to crochet a shrug from the About.com Crochet Guide.
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