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How To Repair Embellishments That Come off a Garment


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Letters came off a Sweat Shirt in the dryer. How do I fix it?
the supplies to fix letters that fell of a sweatshirt in the dryer

What You Need to Repair a Sweatshirt When the Letters Come off in the Laundry

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
It happens! You buy an adorable sweat shirt and when you wash it, the letters or decoration comes off in the laundry. It can really make you angry to have wasted your money on something you only wore once or you can fix it so it will be better than new.
The embellishments usually come off in the dryer because the heat softens the bond of a fusible that was used to apply the decoration. Odds are both the decoration and the fabric that the garment is made of, were not washed before the embellishment was added to the garment. The finishes in the fabrics will stop the fusible from making good contact.The manufacturer relies totally on the fusing material and does not apply any stitching, then when the fusing starts to soften, the embellishment come off the garment.

Pointers for Washing Embellished Clothing

  • Turn the garment inside out so the embellishment is "protected" inside the garment.
  • Use cool water to avoid heat from softening the fuse.
  • Use a low temperature dryer or line dry the item to prevent heat from loosening the fusion.
  • Use your iron to press the embellishment in to place if edges come un-attached. Allow the item to lay flat to cool.
What You Will Need to Make Repairs
  • Fusible web - Fusible Web - - What is it and how to use it As much as your inclination might be to get a "heavy" fusible, using a heavy fusilbe will usually end up with a very stiff garment.
  • An Iron
  • Parchment Paper or backing paper from previously used webbing.
  • Scissors
  • Optional: sewing machine and thread to match the letters or applique

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