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Sew a Quick and Easy Belt - Sew A Simple Belt with Many Possible Variations


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Free Pattern to Sew a Quick and Easy to Make Belt

Quick and Easy to Make Belt

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This belt can be made in any size and to match any or every outfit you own. Scraps of fabric dress this belt up to be what you want in your wardrobe.


  • Two D rings -- the size will be the same width as the webbing you will be using. (For Example; 2" webbing means using 2" D rings.)
  • Webbing -- the width and amount will vary to the size you are making. 1 - 1 1/2 yards of 2" wide webbing will make a belt for almost any adult size. (Measure the waist or hip area where the belt will be worn and add 6-8" for the area to be turned under and the overlap.)
  • A fabric strip the same width as the webbing and an inch longer. If the fabric is prone to fraying you may want to cut it a bit wider than the webbing. You may also want to applu fusible interfacing to slinky, fraying fabric to give it body and halt the fraying.
  • Optional: Small collar or cuff type embroidery designs
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