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Dressed Up Sweat Shirt Project -- Hearts and Cut Work


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Materials and Preparation
Cut Work Hearts

Cut Work Hearts on a sweat shirt

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Here's a project that will convert a plain sweat shirt to something special. Also a great way to eliminate a stain with out eliminating the sweat shirt.

Materials Needed

  • A purchased sweat shirt
  • Quilt style print fabric
  • Stabilizer if the fabric you are using is flimsy or doesn't have enough body
  • Thread
  • Trimming or appliqué scissors
  • Pins
Find and mark the center front of the sweat shirt.

Decide on the basic outline shape you want to use. One of my favorite appliqué template stashes are cookie cutters. To get a different size, trace the shape and use your computer or a copy machine to increase the size or check the Applique Library for a shape you can use.

For this feature I used a heart shape cookie cutter and arranged four hearts around the front neckline of the sweat shirt.

Trace your chosen design on to a piece of fashion fabric.

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