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Create Easy to Fit Fabric with Elastic Thread


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Materials Needed to Create Elastic Thread Gathered Fabric
Materials Needed to Create Elastic Thread Gathered Fabric

Materials Needed to Create Elastic Thread Gathered Fabric

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
You can buy elastic thread gathered fabric by the inch at a fabric store or you can make your own in the fabric of your choice. The following directions will create a sundress or nightgown which will fit adult sizes small to large.
  • Fabric -- 60" wide lightweight fabric, and light to medium weight knits lend them self to gathering with elastic thread. A heavy or stiff fabric will not give you good results. A Sundress that will fit small to large requires 1 to 1/4 yards of fabric for the length of the dress. (If a larger dress is desired, you will need to "gather" the length of the fabric rather than the width. Purchase at least one and a half times the fabric of the widest body measurement.) Purchase extra fabric if straps are desired.
  • Threads -- You will need thread which matches the fabric and a spool of elastic thread. Purchase new elastic thread not elastic thread that has been in a sewing box for ages. Elastic does age and will loose it's elasticity with age.
    Gutermann elastic thread at Joann.com is available in 11 yard spools of white, black, navy and red colors. Prym Dritz Elastic Sewing Thread White at Joann.com is available in 30 yard spools of white and black colors.
  • A sewing machine and two bobbins (one for regular sewing thread and one or more for the elastic thread).
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