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Alteration & Fitting Sewing Techniques

Sewing alterations can cost a small fortune, or you can learn how to alter garments and transform patterns so they will be a perfect fit when you sew a garment. If you are afraid to alter a special garment, go to the thrift store and buy discounted similar garments to experiment with fitting technique. Start with altering simple patterns and expand your skills as you learn and progress.

Dritz® ''My Double Deluxe'' Dressform
A dress form is no longer just for dresses and blouses. If your going to invest in a dress form see what will give you the most options here.

Alterations, Design and Accuracy
Help to understand sizing and variations. Obtain the same results twice.

Sewing and Altering Hem Lines
Fashion trends dictate the hem length of many garments and you can stretch a garment through more than one fashion season by knowing how to alter the hemline. Hems need to be altered simply because we are not all the same height or don't have the same length legs. What ever the reason hems can be sewn to have professional results.

Sewing Pattern Alteration and Fitting Articles
The most challenging part of sewing a garment is that you can't try it on until after it is sewn... and it's not as simple as hitting the shelf for another size if it doesn't fit when your done sewing. Learn what you can do before you even choose a pattern and what to do to make a pattern work for you by reading these articles. Success is in...

Hide a Faded Wear Line in Clothing When You Let the Hem Down
A garment can have a lot more life and wear left in it when you can let down the hem, but there may be a faded, worn line in the fabric that needs to be masked in order to wear the garment. These simple sewing tasks will help you hide the wear line that may be in the fabric when you want to let down a hem.

Alterations, Design and Accuracy
Using a sewing pattern twice does not mean the pattern does it all. Learn what makes a pattern fit the same way twice with the information in this article.

Learn to Mend Your Clothing
Altering an item of clothing can require mending techniques. A zipper may need to be replaced, part of a seam may need to be sewn or mended or even a simple tear may need to be repairs. Learning about mending will help you alter a garment.

Clothing Publication Listing
An excellent resouces list for anyone just learning to sew and a wonderful refreasher course for even the most seasoned sewing vetran.

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