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How to Applique With a Coloring Book Picture


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Cut Up and Put Together
Placing the pieces together for a coloring book applique

Putting the Pieces Together and Pressing Them in Place

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
  • Cut out each part, leaving the paper backing intact on the fabric.
  • Using the original coloring book page as a guide, assemble the pieces to recreated the design.
  • Turn the assembled design over so the bottom of the bottom piece is up.
  • Place the bottom piece of the design on the garment or item and test the placement.
  • Press into place. Use a pressing cloth to protect your fabric if it is needed.
  • Continue placing the pieces until you have them all arranged to your satisfaction.
  • Press them in place and press from the back side to be sure they are all held firmly in place./li>
Note: If you are not putting the pieces together on a lightweight piece of fabric, to assist in placing the design exactly where you want it, cut out the entire design, and trace the edges with a temporary marker or tailors chalk. Line up the edges of the design as you put them in place.
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