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Free Baby Shower And Baby Gift Patterns and Projects

Sewing for a new baby is a great way to use soft cuddly fabric and use up fabric scraps that may be too small for much of anything else. Explore the free baby shower and baby gift patterns to have a memorable baby gift that will be treasured.

Free Sewing Patterns For Baby Items
Need a baby shower gift or have new babies to meet at the next family gathering? How about sewing for your local hospitals maternity floor? Most embrace any donations they receive. I was amazed to learn new mothers often have nothing to take that new bundle of joy home.

Free Patterns to Sew Your Own Teddy Bears
A Teddy Bear is something that brings a smile to every one's face. The twenty best patterns have already been sorted out to save you time, making these free patterns a great way to make the perfect shower or baby gift!

Baby Bib Patterns for All Kinds of Bibs
A free baby bib pattern is a great way to economically sew up a baby gift that will be used every day!. The many free patterns on the internet offer all kinds of styles and options... from drooling to a feed themselves spaghetti dinner... there is a pattern that will meet your clothing protection needs. Remember, bibs make great baby and shower gifts... which will be remembered many times over as the bibs get used on a daily basis!

How to Sew a Highchair Seat Cushion
A cushion for a highchair is essential for comfort and to prevent the child from sliding around. You'll find free step by step directions to create a highchair cushion for any wooden highchair here.

Sew a Baby Tag Blanket
Before you choose a pattern to follow, I strongly recommend you browse all of the free patterns before you start. Sewing a tag blanket is a simple sewing project, especially with all of these free available patterns and tutorials. You'll find a wealth of ideas and possibilities in these free tag blanket tutorials to make the most unique and...

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew A Fabric Baby Grab Ball
This free baby grab ball pattern makes the perfect toy ball for small hands. This ball is created with sections that are designed for a baby hand.

Hand Towel Bib
Full direction to make a bib that really works! Create a bib from hand towels that will stay in place and fully protect the shoulders from those splatters.

Free Directions and Pattern to Sew an Educational Learn to Dress Toy Snake
free pattern directions sew toy snake learn to dress educational toy snake sewing

Baby Grab Ball
Free pattern and full directions for making a toy that passes the kid test. The sections that create this ball are easy for even a small hand to grasp.

Crib Dust Ruffle
Full directions and measurements to make a crib dust ruffle.

Sewing Projects that Use Grandmothers and Mothers Handkerchiefs?
This mailbag question. "I have lots of my grandmothers and mothers handkerchiefs of all kinds and fabrics. What are some projects that I could use them for to pass on to children and grandchildren?" There is plenty that can be made and ways to use these handkerchiefs... learn about them here.

Infant Hooded Bath Towel - From Melissa Kadinger
A hooded bath towel is a staple of supplies needed for infants and toddlers. You can never have too many of them! This project makes an excellent gift, or can be used your own bathroom to coordinate with your décor.

Child's Fabric Shape Book
Applique and fabric make a durable book to help children learn their shapes. Full directions and patterns.

A pattern for an adorable, useful and decorative shower decoration. See the free directions for Receiving Blankets for a One-Layer KinderKake™.

Diaper Bag
Free directions and pattern for a fairly simple diaper bag.

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