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Free Bags, Totes & Purse Sewing Patterns and Projects

Designers can't read your mind but you know what you want for a pocketbook or bag. Sew your own bags, totes, pocketbooks and purses using these free patterns to have the perfect bag to meet your needs and desires... and to match every outfit!

Sew Your Own Purse, Pocketbook and Hand Bags
Sewing a pocketbook, purse or handbag with free sewing patterns allows you to have designer handbags at a bargain price, in the colors and fabrics you want! Explore these free patterns to create a bag for every possible occasion and outfit you own!

Free Pattern to Create a Two Tone Fabric Hand Bag with Pockets
This versitile two tone fabric bag has loads of pockets and is large enough to hold everything you need but not so large that you are apt to cause back problems by over loading it. The free directions will guide you through the process.

Free Pattern and Instructions to Make a Fold Up Travel Case
This fold up travel case meets your toiletry storage needs and more. You can also use it as a sewing kit or many other carry along needs. The free pattern and directions will have you making more than one!

Free Duffel Bag Sewing Pattern and Directions
This free duffel bag pattern creates a bag that is very versatile that it can be used for so many tasks! Does anyone ever have enough bags for every possible need? A tool bag in your car is an essential that this free duffel bag pattern can fulfill... and a whole lot more.

Clutch Sewing Pattern - Free Pattern and Direction
A clutch purse is the perfect way to carry a minimum amount of "stuff" and have a classy way to carry it! Use this free pattern as a way to have a clutch handbag for every outfit you own!

Make Tote Bags from Feed Bags
This article details how to use those sturdy pet food bags to create your own useful tote bag to carry groceries or anything that you would use a tote bag for.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Back Pack
A full sized back pack is a back to school essential. Make your own backpack so you will know it is durable and will last past Christmas break just by sewing your seams twice.

Free Sewing Patterns For an Adorable Stylish Handbag or Lunch Sack
This adorable bag started out as a lunch sack but came out so cute, that it ended up being a handbag. The free pattern offers easy to follow step by step directions that guide you through every aspect of making this sturdy bag with three fabrics for a colorful, stylish bag. Use up scraps by making patchwork pieces or use patchwork pieces you...

Sew Your Own Pocketbook from Durable Round Placemats
A round woven place mat is available in many colors, durable for indoor and outdoor use... and a great beginning for making yourself a pocketbook. These free directions will have you sewing a purse from a round place mat in every available color.

Free Sewing Patterns, for Bags, Purses, Clutches, Totes and More
These free patterns will help you have a bag for every need. Sewing your own bags makes it possible to make a bag for every occasion, special bags to give as gifts and a bag to match every outfit! Browse this vast library of free sewing patterns to meet every bag you could possibly need.

Simple Solutions to Keeping Your Keys Within Reach All the Time

How to Use a Magnetic Pocketbook Closeure
Using a magnetic closure for a purse or handbag is not a mystery. The design of the magnetic closure makes it easy to get perfect placement. Learn how here.

Sew Travel Bags, Luggage Style Bags and Gym Bags
If you run to the gym or go away for an over night jaunt, a home made bag is going to meet your needs better than any purchased bag you will ever find. Explore these free sewing patterns to make a perfect travel , gym or shopping bag!

Wallets, Checkbook Covers, Cell Phone Cases and More
Sew your own wallets, for yourself or the men in your life, mp3 holders, cell phone case and more with these free patterns.

Free Placemat Purse Patterns and Projects
Sewing your own pocketbook can me a time consuming project. When you start making a purse with a place mat, some of the work is already done and a place mat may be made of a fiber that you can't buy in any other form. Explore these free patterns and instructions for creating a place mat pocketbook or purse that starts with place mats.

Free Directions to Sew a Simple Durable Placemat Tote Bag

All Purpose Tote with Pockets Outside and a Secure Lining Pocket!
No need to spend a fortune to have a remarkable tote for books or an overnight get away. The free pattern found here will guide you through sewing your own tote bag with wonderful outside pockets and a secure pocket inside the bag in the lining, all in a colorful stylish bag!

Free Directions to Sew Your Own Strong Durable Log Carrier Bag for Firewood
This free step by step pattern guides you through sewing a strong durable firewood carrier. This method of carrying the firewood is a bag design with easy to carry handles sewn into the strong webbing straps. Make appreciated gifts or for your ownself to carry in in firewood and logs for your wood stove or fireplace.

Sew a Simple Clutch Purse with a Magnetic Closure
A dressy occasion doesn't need that big everyday pocketbook. You need a simple clutch purse that is large enough to hold everything but not distract from your outfit or the occasion. This free pattern to sew a clutch bag, is the perfect size and since you are the designer, your fabric choice will make it perfect! The magnetic closure makes a...

Free Bag, Purse, Totes, Cluches and Pocketbook Patterns
You find photos of the finished bags, totes, clutches, pocketbooks and purses made with the free pattern available on this site and the suggested sewing skill level for completing the project.here. Follow the links to make your own purse for every outfit or traveling need.

Free Sewing Pattern for a Saddlebag Style Pocketbook
This free sewing pattern for a saddlebag style purse will make a pocketbook that has a flap front to enclose your belongings. Free step by step directions are included with the free pattern.

Free Sewing Pattern for a Two Tone Tote Bag with Pockets
This free sewing pattern guides you through sewing a classy tote bag using two different fabrics with pockets on the outside of the bag. Directions to line the bag are included to allow for even more pocket possibilities. This bag is so stylish it could easily be used as a diaper bag or pocketbook.

Tote Bag Patterns
Tote bag patterns can range from the very simple to the more complicated. All of the free tote bag patterns listed here are great tote bags. All of these tote bag patterns have complete easy to follow instructions. Simple tote bag patterns are fast and easy to sew while more complicated patterns may take a little more time but can be...

Simple Tote Bags
Make your own simple tote bags in any size. Full Directions included.

Free Sewing Pattern and Directions to Sew a Cosmetic or Toiletry Bag
This free pattern to sew a cosmetic bag will actually hold all of the make up you use every day. Sew a couple in the fabric of your choice, one for shaving needs, one for make up, one for jewelry, or any thing you need to pack. This bag is also a great size to keep snacks in the car, out of sight but at hand for trips that take longer than...

Free Clutch Purse Pattern & Directions
Holidays, weddings and proms are always right around the corner. Here's a free pattern and directions for a clutch that will hold the essentials.

Free Sewing Instructions for a Stinky Shoe Solution
Use these free instructions to make your own quick, easy and economical solution to smelly shoes. You'll want to make one for every shoe you own so they are always fresh and ready when you want them... even in the hottest weather.

Oval Pocketbook with Zipper Pockets on the Front and Back
Here you'll find a free pattern and step by step directions to sew an oval pocketbook that is great for every day. This free purse pattern has a zipped pocket on the front and back and can easily be embellished to meet any of your purse needs.

An Easter Bag to Collect Eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt
If you've ever watched a little one pick up an egg at an Easter egg hunt, and then watch the egg roll out of the basket, you know a bag would work a lot better to collect Easter egg hunt finds. Free directions to sew a bag with squared edges and decorate the bag for an Easter egg hunt can be found here.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Stylish Useful Handbag
A free sewing pattern and directions to sew a stylish, useful handbag in a fabric of your choice to make it your own, can be found here.

Free Versatile Bag Pattern - Pocketbook or Tote
Sew yourself a versatile fancy tote bag or spiffy pocketbook using the free pattern and directions for this bag that has a flat top with a gathered roomy pouch.

Free Directions to Sew an IPOD, Zune or MP3 Player Case - Armband Style
The free pattern and directions for this IPOD, Zune or MP3 player case guide you through sewing an armband style MP# holder for an Ipod, Zune or MP3 device. No more searching for a holder that fits your device! Sew your own holder following these free, easy to follow directions.

Free Directions to Sew an IPOD, Zune or MP3 Player Case - Necklace Style
The free pattern and directions for this IPOD, Zune or MP3 player case are easy to follow and when you are done sewing, you'll have a secure spot for your IPOD, Zune or MP3 player.

Sew a Pocketbook from Old Jeans
Recycle by using old jeans to create a unique pocketbook. You'll find free step by step directions here.

Free Directions to Sew a Simple Laptop Case for a Dell 420 Laptop
Protect your investment by following these simple sewing directions to sew this simple laptop case for a Dell 420 laptop.

Free Directions to Sew Your Own Lined Laptop Case
The free directions to sew a lined laptop case allowing you to use a combination of inexpensive fabrics to make the best type of case to protect your notebook computer.

Free Step by Step Directions to Sew Your Own Customized Laptop Case
Need an economical laptop case? Sew your own customized laptop case by following these free step by step directions.

Free Sewing Projects and Patterns for Re-Usable, Useful, Everyday Items
We need to preserve the earth we have... and we can with many sewing techniques and environmentally friendly sewing projects. Prevent fabric from filling the landfill!

Sew a Simple Tote Bag With a Secure Center Section
A tote bag is perfect for travel and shopping but how would it be if you could have a secure pocketbook section in a simple tote bag? Perfect and you'll find free directions to sew your own tote bag with a secure center section here.

Sew a See Through, Breathable, Screen Beach Bag
These free directions to sew a see through breathable bag will have you sewing a great beach bag using screen as a material. No more moldy towels because you didn't empty the beach bag in time.

What to Use to Achieve a Firm Bottom on a Homemade Pocketbook
Sewing your own pocketbook leaves endless possibilities but how do you make the bottom strong enough to not sag? Learn how here.

Sew a Bag with a Compartment for Shoes and a Water Bottle
I needed a bag that would hold my gym sneakers and keep them clean as well as my water bottle for gym class. You'll find free directions and the pattern I created to fill my gym class needs here.

Free Pattern and Step by Step Directions to Sew a Duffel Bag
Have a bag ready for any quick get away! Personalize your duffel bag so you can find it in the airport luggage. You'll find free pattern and directions here.

Directions to Sew a Plastic Bag Caddy
Keep those plastic grocery sacks handy and ready to be reused by storing them within reach. You'll find free directions to sew a fabric caddy that can be hung within reach here.

Sew a Durable, Reusable Grocery Bag
Sure you can buy reusable grocery bags but will they hold up to repeated use? The whole idea of a re-usable grocery bag is to prevent filling our landfills. Make your own bags and know they will last for years.

Sew a Tote Bag with a Recessed Zipper
I resisted paying $45 for a similar bag and designed my own. This bag has a zipper set down in the top of the bag, securely holding the bag contents and is large enough to pack a weekend get away. You'll find free directions here.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Men's Bi-Fold Wallet
Sew a men's wallet with this free pattern as a gift or just to have a wallet made in a fabric that expresses who the owner is.

Free Pattern & Directions to Sew a Fabric Women's Wallet
A women's wallet is a small item that can cost a fortune. Use your fabric scraps to sew wallets that are you and leave you with money to put in the wallet!You'll find a free pattern and directions for a wallet that has a coin section and credit card section here.

Sew a Fabric Envelope Style Travel Tissue Cover
Pocket packs of tissues are great to have in your purse but all to often the plastic rips and the tissues are a mess before you were ready to use them. Make a durable fabric cover for the pack and preserve the tissues until you are ready for them. Full free directions for two styles can be found here.

Sew a Pocket Pack Tissue Cover-- Slit Front Style
Travel pocket packs of tissues are great to have in your purse but all to often the plastic rips and the tissues are a mess before you were ready to use them. Make a durable fabric cover for the pack and preserve the tissues until you are ready for them. Full free directions for two styles can be found here.

Free Directions & Pattern to Sew a Totebag Style Pocketbook
This free pattern is for a tote bag style pocketbook that closes with a zipper and is lined. This tote bag can easily be a pocketbook. Find free easy to follow, directions and pattern to sew your own dressed-up tote bag or tote bag style purse here.

Sew An Insulating Soda Can or Juice Box Wrap
An insulating soda can or juice box wrap keeps the beverage cold and identifies who's is who's at a party. You'll find free directions to sew your own can insulating wrap here.

Sew Your Own Pocketbook!
There is a way to have a purse to match every outfit without breaking the bank! This purse can be made with a drawsting closure or closed with a small piece of hook and loop tape by adding elastic to the casing that would have been a drawstring. Find free full directions and the pattern here!

Fabric Checkbook Cover - Free Pattern & Directions
You'll find a free pattern and full directions to sew a fabric checkbook cover here. A fabric checkbook cover stops those cracked plastic from snagging your skin and allows you the creative outlet to show your personality.

Free Pattern to Sew a Simple String Drawstring Backpack
Free pattern for a simple drawstring back pack. This light-weight backpack is perfect for day trip toting and gym clothes. Make a couple to keep in your luggage. They take up very little space and solve the inevitable problem of packing the extras you always come home with.

Easy to Sew Drawstring Tote Bags
A fabric drawstring bag is a perfect way to wrap gifts and save the wrapping from filling the landfill. Follow these simple step by step directions to sew gift bags in the most popular sizes to hold gift boxes.

Craft Tool And Paint Brush Holder
Have you ever wished that you had a way to tote small tools, such as paint brushes, to a class without them falling all over the place? On this page I am sharing the solution that worked for me, with full, picture enhanced directions to make your own.

Back Seat Vehicle Organizer
Use these free directions to create your own organizer to keep back seat clutter under control. Full photos and step by step directions can be found here.

Beach Bag
Full on-line directions and templates for beach oriented appliques.

Insulated Lunch Sack
Full directions for making a personalized lunch sack. A great way to keep your lunch cold and safe without adding a brown bag to the landfill everyday.

Zipped Up Totes
A simple way to add zippers to any size tote bag.

Zippered Travel Pouches
Full on-line directions and illustrations to make pouches for your luggage or backpack.

Free Directions to Sew a Pouch Style Pocketbook
Follow these free step by step directions to sew this pouch style hand bag with an elastic gathered section which resembles a smocked area to enclose the bag.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Fabric Bag with Fabric Cord Twis…
You've seen those great fabric braided handles in the store, now learn how to make your own so you can sew a bag with fabric you love by following this free sewing pattern and directions. This easy to sew bag makes a simple handbag or a lunch tote. However you use it, you will love the comfortable handle and that the whole bag can be thrown in...

Drawstring Backpack Alternative Straps for Style and Comfort
A drawstring backpack is easy to sew with the free pattern. Here you'll find an alternative to strings as the straps and closure to the free drawstring backpack. The padded straps are more stylish and comfortable.

Free Pattern to Sew a Compact, Fold Up Grocery Bag to Cary in Your Purse
Use this free sewing Pattern to sew a fabric grocery bag that will fold up and store compactly in your purse so you actually remember to bring it in the store. These easy to follow directions will teach you how to sew a foldable fabric grocery bag.

Free Tote Style Pocketbook Pattern Using Texture Magic for a Stylish Purse
This free sewing pattern for a purse used Texture Magic to create a pocketbook that is stylish and unique. Use one fabric or fat quarters to sew this pocketbook. You'll find a free pattern to this tote style pocketbook and full step by step directions in this detailed article.

Sew Your Own Every Day Style Handbag
You can sew this pocketbook with everyday sewing supplies. This free pattern and step by step directions to sew your own handbag, that may be the perfect size for you to use everyday.

Backpack out of Placemats and Neckties
Full directions with 10 easy steps to create a backpack.

Prym Dritz: Dritz - Placemat Purse Projects
These projects focus on purchased handles with a lot of obtions presented for the type of bag you might want to make.

Bags to Sew
You'll find schematic diagrams and basic directions for making three simple bags here. From Threads Magazine

Free Directions to Create a Simple Placemat Pocketbook
A placemat purse is a truly simple and easy pocketbook to make. These free directions will guide you through the entire process with optional steps to make your placenmat purse a unique creation that everyone will ask where you go t it!

full back pack pattern
full back pack pattern

The Mighty Pumpkin - A Beadwrangler Project
Free pattern and directions for a purse made with fabric and beads.

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