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Sew Your Own Laptop Case

Use the free pattern that meets the needs of your fabric choice.


Notebook computer sizes vary widely but the cases all seem to be the same. The solution... sew your own customized laptop case!
Collection of Laptop Cases Made From Free Directions

Collection of Laptop Cases Made From Free Directions

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Sewing your own laptop case is not as intimidating as it might sound! The real choice is the fabric you will be using. Take your time and follow the directions that match up with your fabric choice or availability.
  • Simple Case for Non-fraying Fabric - These free directions are perfect for a fleece lined fabric or similar fabric that does not fray. (Black case at bottom of photo)
  • Non-Lined Laptop Case - This laptop case is perfect for single layers of fabric that the fabric edge will need to be enclosed. (Blue quilted case in the photo)
  • Lined Laptop Case -- This laptop case can be made with two layers of fabric, allowing you to use a weather resistant outer fabric and a soft inner lining such as flannel or fleece. (Black lined bag at top of photo)
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