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Placemat Pocketbooks, Purses and Totebags

Free patterns that use commonly found placemats


It's amazing just how many ways a placemat can be used to make a wonderfully usable bag. Shop around and watch clearance sales to have a supply of purse making placemats available.
Free directions for these placemat bags are found here.

A Collection of Placemat Handbags, Purse, Pocketbook and Tote Bags made with Free Sewing Patterns

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
1 is a very simple to make pocketbook constructed from a single woven placemat. Free Directions to Create a Simple Placemat Pocketbook
2 is a very sturdy tote bag which is made from tow woven placemats. Free Directions to Sew a Strong Durable Tote Bag from Two Rectangle Place Mats
3 is a rounded purse with a straight edge at the top which is made from two round placemats. The directions guide you through constructing and lining this entire handbag. Free Instructions to Sew a Handbag from Two Round Placemats

Find more information about these bags, and links to more placemat bags on this Placemat Bag Menu

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