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Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Back Pack


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Materials Needed:
Free pattern and directions for this full sized back pack with pockets galore and padded straps

Free Pattern to Sew a Full Sized Back Pack with Pockets and Padded Straps

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This type of stylish, durable, full size backpack can cost a small fortune. When you make your own backpack you can guarantee the quality of the finished product by using quality thread and back-stitching to secure all of your seams. Since you are choosing the fabric and trims, you can have a backpack in any color or pattern you want. There will be no mistaking what backpack belongs to who when yours is an original.
This free back pattern features two front pockets, two side pockets, padded straps for comfortable carrying and is large enough to hold what you need to carry.

Materials Needed:

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