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Fabric Checkbook Cover - Free Pattern & Directions


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Finishing & Tips
A photo of sewn fabric checkbook covers.

Completed Fabric Checkbook Cover

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Press, being careful not to iron the vinyl pocket if you added it.

Press the seam allowance in, that you left open, to match the rest of the seam line. Slip stitch or fuse the opening closed.

Carefully open the button hole if it is needed for the type of checks you have.

Place checks and register in the cover!

Optional Ideas:

  • Add piping or trim to the outside edge
  • If your tend to collect and over-stuff your checkbook, consider adding ribbon ties on the edge to hold it all together.
  • Embroider or embellish the cover with an appliqué before you assemble it.
  • Create a small piece of quilted patchwork to cut one of piece A out of and create a one of a kind checkbook cover.

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