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Sew Your Own Every Day Style Handbag


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Attach the Bottom of the Pocketbook
A photo of the base of the pocketbook sewn in place.

Base of Pocketbook Sewn in Place

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
  • Fold the bottom in half from both directions to find even quarters of the pocketbook base. Mark the folds at the seam line.
  • Fold the body of the pocketbook in half, matching the side seams. Mark the center of the side pieces in the bottom seam line.
  • Match the markings on the curved ends of the pocketbook bottom with the side seams in the body section.
  • Match the marks on the straighter edge of the bottom, with the center marks on the body sides.
  • Stitch the bottom to the body of the bag.
  • Apply a seam finish to the seam allowance.

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