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Sew Your Own Duvet Covers; Free Directions and Measurements to Sew a Duvet Cover


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Cutting and Assembly
Cutting Chart to make a duvet cover for any size bed

Cutting Chart

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Note: All directions are using 1/2" seams

All covers will require even side sections added to each side of your fashion fabric. Refer to the chart (above) for cutting your sections.

Join side sections to center section using 1/2" seams. Zig zag or serge your seams to prevent fraying. Press the seams.

Lay out the back and top section, right sides together. Pin enough to secure the two sections together. Stitch the side and bottom seams using 1/2" seams. Zig zag or serge the seam allowance.

Measure 2 1/2" from the top edge. Mark 1/3 of the way in from the side seam edges towards the center. Stitch a 2 1/2" seam from the top edge to the 1/3rd mark.

Turn under 1/2" on raw edge and press. Press the entire top edge down to form a two inch hem (including the seamed top area). Pin to hold in place.

Top stitch the hem. Turn Right side out and press.

Place buttons and button holes approximately 5" apart, evenly spaced in the remaining opening.

To keep the comforter in place inside the duvet cover, sew a small loop of fabric to the back side of the comforter at each corner. (This will allow the comforter to be used without the duvet cover.) Sew a strip of fabric or ribbon to the inside seams at the the corners of the duvet cover. Apply snaps to the strip so they can be threaded through the loop on the comforter and held in place inside the duvet cover.

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