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How to Measure and Sew a Bedspread


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Easy Bedspread
Easy Bedspread

Easy Bedspread

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
A top panel with straight sides is an easy bedspread and is best made from all quilted fabric.

The Top

  • Measure the top and create a top, allowing seam allowances for adding side drops on the bedspread.
  • A twin bed may require only one length of fabric.
  • Most beds will require seaming fabric to create a top that is wide enough for the bed. Divide the additional sides so that they are even on each side and buy fabric according to how wide the side panels will need to be to know if you will need two or three lengths of fabric to cover the length and width of the bed.
  • As long as the fabric print is the same horizontally and vertically, calculate the length you will need for the sides of the bed and how long the fabric will need to be, to go all the way around the bed.
  • Sew piping to the edge of the top piece to add a dividing line for the top and sides.
  • Sew the sides to the top with the right sides of the fabric together, using the piping stitching as a seam line.
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