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Sew Your Own Pillow Cases

Free Pillowcase Patterns and Detailed Instructions


Novelty pillowcases can cost a small fortune and is usually made with a poor quality fabric. Sew your own and have control over fabric quality and design! Follow these links for the best free directions I've found.

1. Sew a Pillowcase - Standard, Queen, King or Travel Pillow

free directions to sew a simple pillowcase
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This pillowcase is a great beginner project. Once yard of fabric is quickly transformed into a usable pillowcase with all straight sewing skills. Choose the fabric and color you like to have pillowcases that are exactly what you want!

2. Free Instructions to Sew a Pillowcase with a Ruffle Hem

Sew Your Own Pillowcase with a Ruffle
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This pillowcase dresses things up a bit by sewing a fabric ruffle rather than a straight hem. The instructions are step by step guidance to make your own pillowcases.

3. Free Sewing Pattern Pillow Cases: King & Standard

Full free directions with diagrams and a free embroidery design.

4. Making Housewife Pillow Cases Instructions

Free illustrated instructions on making housewife pillow cases. These cases are an envelope style case.

5. Making Pillowcases

Great detailed directions that give you the option of a contrasting hem.

6. Crafty Chic: Pillow Cases

Great directions with step by step photos to sew pillow cases with trim and a contrasting band.

7. Pillow Case: VERY Easy to Sew Gift Idea.

Pillow Case: VERY Easy to Sew Gift Idea - Very simple instructions for a standard size pillow case.

8. Pillowcases 101

Great directions with full photos make them easy to follow.
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