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Pinking shears allow you to cut a simple seam finish.
An assortment of various pinking shears can be found and information about pinking shears.

Pinking Scissors or Pinking Shears

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Description: Pinking Shears have jagged blades that fit together to cut a saw-tooth type edge.

Use: A pinked edge to many tightly woven or non-fraying fabrics is sufficient as a seam finish. This is especially handy when working with light-weight fabrics that a sewn seam finish will add to much thread or weight to the seam.
On non-fraying fabric such as fleece using pinking shears helps reduce a blunt edge from showing through when pressing a seam and adds a finished look to the fabric.

Care & Maintenance:
  • Use them only for fabric to prevent dulling the blades! A sewing box or area secure from other family members is best.
  • Keep the blades clean and oil them occasionally.
  • Do not over extend the blades by trying to cut through too many layers at a time. Sharp shears will cut with no effort. If you have to force the shears consider cutting fewer layers at a time.
  • They should not be the scissors that are kept in the junk drawer or kitchen drawer. Using fabric scissors on anything other than fabric will dull them, causing uneven cutting, shredding of fabric and hand fatigue.

Available Options: Pinking scissors are available in five and a half inch to ten and a half inch lengths. The most common choice is seven and a half inch.

Expense: The amount you spend is a matter of choice. Look for strong blades on this type of shear. When you are going to be using them on heavy fabric, it is best to invest in a good pair.
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