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Create A Sewing Kit

Create A Sewing Kit


Most kits on the market leave something out or have an item that is inferior quality which will lead to more frustration then money you may have saved.
Create A Sewing Kit

Create A Sewing Kit

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A storage container is a great place to start.

Items to include in a sewing kit:

  • 2 pair of scissors- an inexpensive pair of paper scissors and a good quality pair of fabric shears. By including both pair of scissors, you are insuring that the fabric scissors will last a long time.
  • Straight pins & Pin Cushion - many people, find the quilting pins with colored heads, easier to handle. Visit a notions department and see the vast assortment available on today's market. A magnetic pin holder is also available in most notions departments.
  • A tape measure
  • Tracing wheel - there are smooth wheels and spoked wheels on the market. Each has it's place and are great notions for any sewer to have on hand. More on Marking Tools
  • Dressmakers carbon - this is a special carbon paper that is available in combination packs or for light fabric or for dark fabric. This is available in department stores that have a fabric department or at fabric stores. More on Marking Tools
  • A gauge - This is a great tool for making accurate measurements and for tracing straight lines such as darts.
  • A seam ripper- These are available in many sizes and some are glorified. All new seam rippers are sharp and precise.
  • Hand sewing needles - a nice assortment to fit various sewing needs
  • Thread - a variety of basic colors in a good quality thread. This is one place the skimping is not worth while. See Thread - Seeing Is Believing for more information.

Optional Items

  • Rotary Cutter, cutting pad and Quilting rulers - These are fantastic to have on hand when cutting straight lines.
  • Thread Snips - These are a very handy devise to have next you your sewing machine. They are available in a variety of colors.
  • A Sewing Magazine Gift Subscription. I personally recommend Sew News and Threads
  • Sewing Books
  • A notebook with page protectors and print outs of the many, many free on line projects.
  • Hardware Bin organizer Boxes - available in most hardware stores. Some are able to be hung on the wall and make a great organizer for machine feet and tools.
  • Thread racks - make your own or explore the many available on the market at most fabric stores.
  • Light weight fusible interfacing - yards of it are great to have on hand. This makes a great backing for tissue patterns that become a favorite, to keep them strong and durable.
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